7 Laws to Know About When It Comes to Marijuana

When it comes to marijuana and its legal or criminal use, the safest bet is to know the laws that govern each state. State government websites can provide an excellent source of information. The views and opinions on marijuana laws across the nation continue to evolve. For whatever reason a person chooses to use marijuana, it’s important to stay informed. 

State Laws vs. Federal Laws

State and federal regulations and laws can often seem to collide. Federal laws can sometimes override state laws. There is always a possibility that individuals can face legal challenges concerning these confusing regulations and laws. A person who knows and understands the rules governing marijuana use is less likely to face arrest and prosecution.

Recreational and Medical Marijuana Use Laws

In a number of states, the laws governing medical and recreational use vary. If the use is for medical, an individual should carry a prescription or some type of card from a recognized healthcare provider. For those same states, there are likely age restrictions and limitations on the amount of marijuana a person can legally possess.

Age Restriction Laws

States that allow the legal use of marijuana place restrictions on the allowable age. Laws are in place to protect the well-being and health of younger adults. Age is a key restriction that anyone looking to use marijuana should research. It’s always wise to avoid legal troubles.

Laws That Address Possession Limits

Some state laws allow possession in terms of the allowable quantity a person can legally carry for recreational or medical use. Limits may sometimes be higher for people with certain medical conditions. Continued research and awareness of state regulations are vital.

Laws That Govern the Transportation of Marijuana

Some states require anyone in possession of marijuana to keep it in the trunk in a sealed container. Some states allow drivers to keep marijuana in the passenger’s area of the vehicle if it’s placed in a sealed container. In many regions of the country, it’s illegal to transport marijuana across state lines. If caught, the punishment can vary from a fine to imprisonment.

Private and Public Consumption Laws

A person must also be careful of where they choose, even in states where marijuana is legal, to consume marijuana. Note that in many jurisdictions, states prohibit public consumption. Laws may only allow a person to use marijuana in the privacy of their own residence. An innocent violation of the law can sometimes land a person in jail.

DUI Laws That Govern Driving

Driving under the obvious influence of marijuana can result in a law violation if caught. Like alcohol impairment, it’s easy for law enforcement to test for marijuana usage. A traffic stop may include a blood test or a check to reveal if the person is sober. Violation penalties can sometimes be severe and may include fines, jail time, or a license suspension. 

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