Dr. Santarvis: A Vision to be Recognized and Renowned for Making a Difference

Dr. Santarvis Brown’s journey in education commenced in 2002 – and since then he has never looked back. We find out all about his career to date, as well as the main factor which led him to where he is right now.

Power of Education

Education is among the most powerful tools that humans have at their disposal.

With it, opportunities are unlimited. But without it, individuals are far more likely to face a life filled with struggle.

There are not many people who understand the importance of education like Dr. Santarvis Brown (Miami Lakes, FL) does.

The determined individual began his remarkable journey in education all the way back in 2002.

Leadership Eualities

Dr. Santarvis is a multi-award-winning humanitarian who brings over 15 years of success in providing stellar organizational leadership, delivering innovative solutions, spearheading major institutional missions and initiatives, overseeing fiscal budgets, as well as training, developing, and managing personnel within the higher education sector. 

He holds master’s degrees in management & leadership, business administration, and divinity as well as a doctoral degree in education and a Juris doctorate from Purdue University. 

His extensive accomplishments are matched by his demonstrated commitment toward serving Black and Brown communities.

When it comes to skills, Dr. Santarvis has them in abundance. From grant management, fundraising, and project management, to community relations, budget management, recruitment, training, and development, as well as policy creation and analysis, he has continued to deliver.

Passion for Education

In addition, there is no shortage of citations and awards that Dr. Santarvis has received for his work over the years.

In just 2021, he was honored with the GECL Awards: Performance Excellence Award in Leadership, Passion Vista Global Icons of 2021 (No.6), Brainz 500 Global List (No.2), Excellence in Education from Global Forum on Teaching and Learning, Top Black Educator in South Florida Legacy Magazine, and the Philanthropy Miami Academy Graduate.

Without a doubt, the main factor that has led Dr. Santarvis to where he is right now is his passion for education.

But his role model has also played a remarkable part in his success. Dr. Santarvis’ mother is his role model, she provided for him so he could go further than she did.

Despite his success, Dr. Santarvis – who wants to be recognized and renowned for making a difference – also understands the importance of setting aside time for his passions in his free time.

His passions comprise traveling, reading, and watching horror movies.

Meanwhile, the top three core values in his life are faith, commitment, and perseverance. These are hugely important core values, which should be followed by all those hoping to achieve their goals.

Follow Dr. Santarvis on Instagram @drsantarvis, on Twitter @drsantarvis, or on Facebook at facebook.com/SantarvisBrown.

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