Entrepreneur Bryce Mathis Highlights The Importance Of Giving Back

Bryce Mathis with Hustle House TikTokers
Bryce Mathis with Hustle House TikTokers

It’s universally understood that greed is common in business, and that if the rich and famous did more to make positive change in the world then it would be a much better place. However, the world is a balanced place, and with every bad actor there is one that does so much good that it counters the rest. This is Bryce Mathis.

This is why I jumped on the opportunity to write about Bryce Mathis, an entrepreneur who has achieved success far beyond his peers, yet spends more time doing good for the world than most entrepreneurs do on their own business. 

How It Started

After graduating from Wayne Academy in 2012, Mathis went straight into serving in the Air National Guard. A patriot who believes in protecting his country and what it stands for, Mathis started in a profession that was already serving the greater good. 

After his time in the Air National Guard, he got into the wholesaling industrial products. After selling that business, and spending some time in the sand logistics business, he moved on to starting Endless Holdings Inc., a company which has verticals in energy, agriculture, media, e-sports, construction, and payment processing. Bryce describes the company as “Future focused and planet forward.”

Bryce Mathis worked in the Air National Guard after schooling

Working With Non-Profits

While his companies are generally focused on providing value and improving the world, it was his array of non-profit and charity ventures that impressed me. The organizations include PureFree, The Good Project, The Oil and Gas Workers Association, and his work at his church.

PureFree is a foundation with the goal of providing clean water to everybody on Earth. They believe that everyone is entitled to clean water, and right now their main focus has been on providing clean water to areas of the United States where it is less available. Global Director of PureFree, Aniefiok Nathaniel, said this about Bryce and the foundation:

“At some point Bryce shared with me a vision that he has had for the less privileged people of Nigeria and Africa at large, this led to us starting the organization PureFree. This organization operates on his belief that clean water, food and other basic resources are human rights and that everyone deserves access to it.”

While physical health is important, Mathis also understands that giving back in ways that improve people’s emotional health as well is equally important. The weekend of the 25th of February, he will be handing out plaques of fallen soldiers to their families in Fort Lauderdale. This is an event put on by The Til Valhalla Project, Bryce is attending on behalf of The Good Project, which on a broader scale has the focus of giving homeless and addicted people the chance for a new life. See the founder, Victor Oliviera, on the news talking about its mission here.

Victor Oliveira was featured on local news for the work The Good Project did

While Bryce has a vision to do good on a global scale, the focus he has on doing good within his own country is evident through his work with the Oil and Gas Workers Association. The OGWA represents Oil and Gas workers in politics, lobbying to protect the image and jobs of those who don’t have the power to do so alone. 

Essential Humility

Bryce Mathis is a humble person by nature, and not one to be public about the good he does in the world. However, when I learned about all he did I knew that his story needed to be told. 

As young entrepreneurs venture into the business world, remember that there is more to life than yourself. If it is true success that you are seeking then you must find fulfillment, which comes from making a real impact and seeing the positive change you’ve made in other people’s lives.

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