Excitement Builds Ahead of Grand Opening Of Krasa Spa Club

Krasa Spa
Krasa Spa at the Westin

Dr. Andy Mancini and Iryna Mancini are preparing to bring something spectacular when they open Krasa Spa Club, a Westin Hotel Spa in Itasca, IL. We hear from the talented pair to get an insight into their journey so far.

Truly Unique

Excitement is building ahead of the grand opening of a new Beauty and MedSpa later on this Fall.

Of course, there is no shortage of these facilities, but this one is going to be truly unique and impressive.

Dr. Andy Mancini and Iryna Mancini are going to be bringing something spectacular when they open Krasa Spa Club, a Westin Hotel Spa in Itasca, IL.

Andy, an Italian born, knows a thing or two about self-care for gentlemen added to how he dedicated several years to advancing his medical knowledge training in several World-Class institutions including Harvard. 

Meanwhile, Iryna Mancini, who is originally from Ukraine, developed in her early years an advanced knowledge in linguistics and communications – and, as a typical Ukrainian woman, high beauty standards were taught from birth.

Valuable Lessons

The pair have learned many valuable lessons along the way, and have enjoyed major success, during their journey so far – however, there is plenty more to come.

But there is no doubt about what their biggest success has been.

By marrying the fundamental principles acquired from intense medical training, and linguistics communication, along with the unquestionable world-renowned beauty standards set by Eastern Europeans, their success was being able to unify all these “ingredients” into their business model. Andy and Iryna set the bar to a new level that is now offered to all of their clients locally here in DuPage County, IL.

The business serves both ladies and gentlemen with haircuts, lashes, brows, botox, facials, massage, manicure, pedicure, waxing, and laser services.

But despite already achieving a significant amount in their careers, Andy and Iryna have firmly set their sights on more goals and ventures in the future.

Ambitious Vision

The pair’s short-term goals are to continue seeing clients during their expansion construction period, while ensuring that the construction process continues to go smoothly and is completed in a timely manner.

Then, after their rebranding and grand-opening celebration expected in September 2022, they will continue to serve ladies and gentlemen in Itasca and all of DuPage County in IL, besides the Westin hotels guests and their bridal reception group – with the set goal to become the destination spa for all beauty, self-care and health needs.

The Krasa Spa Club, luxury brand, serves the residents of the entire DuPage County – and it was formerly known as Jonathan Hair Co, an establishment created in 1981.

But as the pair shift their focus firmly onto the new brand, which was officially created in May 2022, there is no doubt that the future is bright. 

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