How Your Haircut Could Soon Replace Passwords: REV3AL Pushes the Boundaries of Cybersecurity

REV3AL Facial Recognition
REV3AL Facial Recognition

What went wrong? It had been said that Web3 aims for “transparency, privacy and decentralization.” But according to Mo Kumarsi, Web3 opened the door to new cybersecurity risks. 

When Web3 was dreamed up almost a decade ago, it brought visions of freedom from big tech, safety, and a chance to take control of our own data. But while it solved a basket of serious problems, it also opened the door to new vulnerabilities — stolen digital assets, counterfeit NFTs, and biometric authentication hacking.

That’s why Kumarsi and Adam “Bitdragon” Russell Co-founded REV3AL, to solve the problems before you ever have to worry about them. Some of these tools and assets include the REV3AL Security Portal, R3AL NFT Marketplace, R3AL 3DFA (Dimensional Security), and R3AL ME (Avatar Creation Portal). Here’s just a sample of how they’re protecting the future of Web3:

R3AL 3DFA: Beyond Two-Factor Authentication

Paired with 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication), facial recognition became the leading security and authentication technology in the world — and was nearly perfect — until deep fakes entered the scene. Suddenly, a foolproof technology was fooled, and a new form of authentication was required.

That’s when REV3AL began development of R3AL 3DFA, a dimensional security platform that takes a multi-faceted approach to authentication. By leveraging factors such as “who,” “where,” and “when,” R3AL 3DFA integrates biometric face and voice recognition technology with geospatial object location. 

This unique combination of technologies could potentially allow users to validate their identity through everyday objects, like a watch, or your glasses, adding a new layer of security to transactions.

R3AL NFT Marketplace: Showcasing Security

Even if you’re only slightly familiar with NFTs, then you know the space has seen it’s share of “rugpulls” and hacks that hurt buyers and gave NFTs a bad reputation. But with REV3AL’s technology using multi-modal authentication, and a focus on transparency and accountability, they’ve changed the narrative to give people a marketplace they can genuinely trust.

That’s why REV3AL launched the world’s first security-focused NFT marketplace — the R3AL NFT Marketplace. While not designed to compete with larger marketplaces, REV3AL designed this to showcase the capabilities of their tools, which could be used in the future in mainstream marketplaces. 

The way it works is simple: The R3AL NFT Marketplace integrates the REV3AL Security Portal to authenticate and verify each NFT. This means the system validates the uniqueness and originality of each NFT by adding a digital watermark, thereby preventing fake duplicates and counterfeits. As a result, it safeguards the artists’ (or creators’) art or digital assets from theft, duplication, or fraudulent re-uploading. This also inspires trust in the users, ensuring that the NFT they are purchasing is authentic and a genuine original. Think of it as a PSA rating for card collectors, or a GIA certificate for diamonds.

The R3AL Marketplace also uses REV3AL’s Security Portal API to make buying and selling NFTs simple. You can pay with a credit card, and the marketplace converts your dollars into crypto for you. All you need to get a crypto wallet on the platform is an email address.

You can try out the R3AL NFT Marketplace now using REV3AL’s token, called REV3L. REV3L is listed on big exchanges like PancakeSwap, Kucoin, CoinMarketCap, and CoinGecko.

R3AL ME: Authenticating Avatars for Secure Virtual Experiences

Virtual environments, blockchain games, metaverses — the future of exciting, futuristic spaces. But there’s a catch: they can be filled with fake users, AI posing as real people, and counterfeit goods that get sold as the real thing. 

And for a lot of people, that possibility of fraud and scams is enough to turn them off from those platforms altogether. REV3AL realized that security and authentication tools could change that. 

By giving avatars and virtual items a kind of “verified authentic” stamp, the Avatar Creation Portal helps address a major pain point holding back mainstream use of virtual worlds. Players can jump into those environments knowing the avatars and goods they encounter are the genuine article.

REV3AL Security Portal: The Flagship

REV3AL’s main product is their Security Portal, an API that lets creators and blockchain projects use REV3AL’s authentication tech on their own. The Security Portal helps protect people’s digital assets by giving them encrypted IDs and using REV3AL’s custom security software.

The idea is that currently, there are lots of blockchain projects out there — NFTs, DeFi, metaverse to start —  and security across all these platforms can be difficult at best. REV3AL steps in and says, “use our Security Portal API and we’ll handle the hard parts for you.” 

One of the biggest benefits of the REV3AL Security Portal is that it works with pretty much all blockchain platforms. By making their authentication technology easy to integrate everywhere, REV3AL wants to establish a new standard for security when it comes to digital assets.

The Next Stage: REV3AL Acquires DRIVENecosystem

Thanks to their recent acquisition of DRIVENecosystem, REV3AL is now positioned to enhance its products and deliver more powerful, real-world solutions for businesses. Meanwhile, REV3AL continues to establish a new security benchmark in the digital assets realm, reinforcing its commitment to safeguard the future of digital ownership and Web3 technologies.

REV3AL will integrate all DRIVENecosystem products into REV3AL’s suite of products. The consolidation will lead to enhanced features, robust platforms, and accelerated development of cybersecurity and blockchain products. The combined development expertise from these two powerhouses will pave the way for new cybersecurity solutions, and promote the widespread adoption of Web3 technologies under the REV3AL brand.

The New Standard Of Technology

So while Web3 promised decentralization, privacy and transparency, it also introduced new security challenges. REV3AL is working to solve these problems by building authentication technology for digital assets, NFT marketplaces, virtual worlds, and beyond. By focusing on safety, accountability and user protection from the ground up, Mo Kumarsi, Adam Russell, and the REV3AL team provides the security infrastructure and mechanisms of trust that could finally see virtual environments, blockchains and digital ownership realize their full potential. 

For any platform building on the promises of Web3, REV3AL’s solutions seem poised to make good on them. To find out more about REV3AL, and get access to their suite of tools and resources, find them on, or @Rev3alTech on Twitter.

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