“When starting a business, it’s easy to believe that you can cater to the needs of everyone. By focusing on your intended audience, you narrow your scope and sharpen the quality of your work to fit that audience’s specific needs,” says Ishell, as he unveils his road map to relevance in filmmaking and business.


Every individual comes to a point in their lives where they are conflicted between the fear of failure and the possibility of success. Ishell shares how he deals with fear despite quitting the employee lifestyle to become an entrepreneur and follow his passion for cinematography and filmmaking. “The most valuable lesson I’ve learned throughout the years is that you can’t be afraid to fail. When I first started filming, I had no idea what I was doing, but I would have never learned from my mistakes if I didn’t make them,” says Ishell.

Ishell discovered the true path to his success after his first paid gig covering a baby shower. With a poised perspective, unique personality, and laser-sharp focus, Ishell turned what would have seemed like a hobby into a million-dollar skill, which has earned him tremendous achievements and impeccable relevance in the entertainment industry and the world of media and filmmaking at large.

Determination and passion for his craft led him to found his own media and filmmaking brand, Ishell Vaughan Films, a leading media and entertainment brand, shooting and operating production-level drones for commercials, stock footage, and short films. 


Ishell has garnered a great deal of experience in his field of expertise. Not only does Ishell own his own filmmaking company, but as far back as the late 2000s, Ishell also became one of the founding members of Secret Society Motion Pictures, which is also co-owned by two of his friends, Nimi and Denity. According to Ishell, the growth of their company was unfathomed at the time, but unknown to them, the results of managing all that unforeseen workload and staying focused were going to be evident in recent times.

Demonstrating unparalleled skill and an inert ability to bring intangible contents to life on screen, Ishell and his team not only shoot the majority of A’ list artists’ music videos but also run the most intuitive film internship program.

In his quest to give back to the community, Ishell runs a subsidiary under his company called The Raw Sessions, which aims to offer upcoming artists an opportunity to shine and hone their talents in the overpopulated and intensely competitive entertainment space by capturing their content and sharing it with the rest of the world. 


Ishell has received several remarkable achievements and recognitions in recent times, one of which would be the first place award for his short film “something in the water” with his partner Nimi Hendrix in 2019. He mentions that this award remains his most notable of all time.

Having achieved several feats in his craft, Ishell shares that one of his secrets to his numerous achievements is maintaining uniqueness. “What separates me from others is that I’m simply different,” says Ishell. His uncanny attention to detail remains unrivaled, and he has utilized his knowledge and wealth of experience to the top.

Being an individual who is big on self-development, Ishell believes that to build a strong career, the roots must be fortified. He loves to spend time with his family and friends in his free time, using his skills and expertise to help those whose lives would be enriched by it.

Learn more about this dynamic individual by checking out his social media space:

Instagram: @ishell.raw



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