Mo Kumarsi Tells Audience The First 90 days Of All Out Action is Key

Mo Kumarsi
Mo Kumarsi

Famous entrepreneur Mo Kumarsi has recently risen to 1M followers on Instagram through his educational and motivational content that has been sweeping the internet. 

One of his recent videos shared his advice about creating momentum to turn things around. According to him, working 12-16 hours a day for 90 days can establish habits, work ethic, and behavioral patterns that will lead to lifetime success

Who Is Mo Kumarsi?

Mo Kumarsi is well-known for his views on masculinity and motivational speeches, which has led him often to be compared to Andrew Tate. His entrepreneurial success speaks volumes; he is the owner of multiple companies and has generated over a billion in sales revenue from companies he was a part of.

What Did Mo Recommend?

Mo said in a recent Instagram reel that people need to work on something for 12-16 hours per day for 90 consecutive days in order to overcome difficult situations. In just 3 months, you can gain so much momentum that you may also be set up for lifelong success! As a result of his advice, people are encouraged to take action if they want to see changes in their lives rather than dreaming of achieving greatness without taking any significant steps toward making it happen.


Mo Kumarsi is a successful entrepreneur whose advice should be taken seriously as he has achieved great success himself! It takes hard work and dedication in order for people to climb out of their challenging situations, and following Mo’s approach could be very beneficial if done correctly with consistency and ambition. If you commit yourself to work hard every day, there’s no telling what successes await you at the end of two months!

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