Stellar Ledgers: The Trusted Advisor You Need

Angela-Stellar Ledgers
Angela-Stellar Ledgers

We hear from the talented Angela Randolph, CPA, to find out all about Stellar Ledgers®, including the biggest success for the business and a crucial lesson learned.

Trusted Advice

In today’s fast-paced world of business, companies are required to go the extra mile if they want to turn their vision of achieving success into reality.

But being able to do that, in an efficient manner, often requires the use of trusted advice.

Stellar Ledgers® (SL) – which is a virtual financial advisory firm that partners with clients as their business grows offering an exceptional and value-added experience – can provide just that.

SL was launched in April 2017 to service the increasing number of small businesses owners led by women.  

It offers bookkeeping, CFO/Controller, financial coaching and consulting services to clients across the United States.   

Angela Randolph, CPA, is the founding member of Stellar Ledgers LLC. 

She is passionate about assisting entrepreneurs acquire financial freedom and security through business ownership while leaving a financial legacy for loved ones.

Above And Beyond

The services provided by SL sets it apart from its competitors. 

The team goes above and beyond when it comes to delivering for clients – and pulls out all of the stops to ensure success.

The services allow small business owners to focus on their core operations, as SL monitors the financial pulse of the business.  

Furthermore, the outsourced financial service provided to clients helps businesses improve cash flow and maximize profits as they prepare for growth and expansion.

Valuable Lessons

Of course, along with the remarkable amount of success that she has achieved throughout her career so far, Angela has also learned many valuable lessons along the way.

In her industry, having the right answer, and fast, is the norm.

Meanwhile, building a business with multiple streams of income, or just being in the business world period, certainly comes with both ups and downs.

But alongside her impressive talent, the determination and commitment displayed by Angela, has been instrumental in getting her to where she is today.

One of the key lessons learned by the business is being able to pivot from original plans or service offerings while considering the needs of small businesses and developing trainings, and services to address those needs.

Huge Success

The biggest success for the company is celebrating being five years in business this year, with plans to expand its online training and coaching program.

But there are also major plans for the future. One of the goals of the business is to expand it into the online training space with Stellar Ledgers Academy.

The business is revamping its Financial Roadmap for Entrepreneurs program and will relaunch its Tax Compliance course “Birth, Business & Taxes” next spring. 

Without a doubt, it is important that businesses have a team of professionals to assist them in their growth.

Connect with SL on social media and get monthly updates and weekly business tips by joining its e-mail list via its website.

Stay tuned for its online training courses and financial roadmap program with Stellar Ledgers Academy!

Follow SL on Instagram @stellarledgers_ and on Facebook at, or follow Angela on Instagram @angelathecfo, or on Facebook at

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