The Genre-Breaking Sensation Ashton Traitor Is Back With A New Single

Ashton Traitor managed to keep his real identity and face hidden until today.

The cross genre artist from Los Angeles released his new single ‘Neva Look Back’ this week. Rebels as we are, we take the opportunity to do so anyway.

First things first – Ashton Traitor is still Ashton Traitor. Fans of the ever progressing artist are most likely to be very pleased with his new track. Almost 3 years after his viral sensation ‘On My Own’, the mysterious Houston born creative is still continuously releasing new music. ‘Neva Look Back’ is emotionally loaded as ever and inspires us to do exactly what he doesn’t suggest here – have a look at his career so far.

His first single dropped in 2017. And went viral within days and weeks. Whether it’s the music, the visuals, the figure, or all of it combined. Ashton Traitor became an instant trademark.

Re-defining a whole genre

Whilst most would categorize him as a rapper, his influence and quality goes beyond hip hop or rap. Sure, there’s 808s, hi hats, trap beats. But his soundscape as well as sampling and vocals come from a different place. Often much closer to old school emo rock phase in the 2000s than to the current, he breaks boundaries and limits.

Ashton Traitor released ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ in summer 2020.

Ashton Traitor hasn’t released an album yet, but is proving a strong work ethic, releasing songs continuously.

His sound developed slightly over the last couple of years, but not to a degree that he would lose any fans. Rather contrary, he is building a strong growing community that anticipate his new releases on YouTube and all other platforms.

When we talk about artists that will matter in the future, we don’t have to look at numbers yet. Much more important is how far they stretch or extend limits and possibilities within or across genres, creating free from expectations. Ashton Traitor is a blueprint of a pioneer of a coming trend, and it’s on us to give him the credits for that. To keep art alive, we must welcome change and the people that bring it with open arms.

His new song is only the next step on his way, and it sounds like the logical one. Once again, his new song shows us the emotional artist that we know, although he dares to ‘neva look back’.

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