Albums Aren’t Dead – Joey Luxx Releases His Debut

The South Jersey rapper’s first long player hits the sweet spot and give us a lot to talk about. Let’s go straight into it.

Malcolm Parrish aka Joey Luxx is relatively new to the music industry but already seems to have the ability to envision a bigger picture. The artist chose music over a career as a professional athlete last year, and changed Alley-Hoops for days in the studio. A place where he seems to feel just as comfortable as on the court, it seems. The overall production on the album gives us a lot of talking points, but its the harmony with the rapper that makes this a special debut.

Joey enters his spaceship with the Intro to the album and we can’t avoid to make some comparisons with the production of Travis Scott’s banger ‘Astroworld’. Joey Luxx makes sure to keep his basketball word play on beat in ‘Center’ as the second song proves a great example for his strong melodic verses.

Throughout the album Joey Luxx stays rather laid back and nothing can break the artist’s sweat during the ride through his universe.

When the 808 hits us ins his single track ‘Solar’ you’ll have a hard time not nodding along. This is a classic song to put the volume up to when you’re driving your car around the city.

Luxx has a great feel for distinctive melodies and the right amount of repetition in his sound design and song structure.

Things that young artists are often a lot less comfortable with, but Parrish confidently finds his space on beats that sounds like they crafted somewhere between the endless universe and his bedroom.

Whether he is going to leave his Delorean in the future or choose to stay inside his time machine, we are sure we won’t have to wait too long to hear new songs from Joey Luxx.

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