AM-One Mask: A New Take On A Must Have Accessory

Technology is constantly changing our lives, and this was never more apparent than when the global COVID pandemic started. Technological evolutions brought us smartphones and accessories, these accessories have morphed into smart TV’s, and even thermostats. Tesla has even launched their latest generation of Solar Glass – their discrete version of solar roof tiles, giving clean energy a dynamic makeover.  
While COVID had changed all of our lives, as a society, technology made the abrupt transition to working from home, relatively smooth. Face masks were something you occasionally saw other people wearing, but not as a part of one’s daily identity. COVID changed all of that. No one responsible citizen leaves the house anymore without their phone, wallet, keys, and a mask. 

Am One Mask

This is where true innovation is coming to life. IBG, a privately held organization, with offices in Dubai and Delhi has created software that can manage the entire process of investing, end to end, without any human involvement. But, when COVID sent the teams at IBG to work from home remotely, their creative wheels began to spin. You see, Manish S. The founder of IBG, realized very early on, that while he and the Engineers he brought into IBG enjoyed coding, they also enjoyed the creativity of making. In the early days of IBG a new policy was enacted, everyone was permitted to work on creative ideas, so long as they maintained their focus on financial AI research. What happened next was, the engineers excelled at work, as they were also tinkering with their creativity. No gadget was off-limits in terms of creativity, drones, self-guided robots, and just about every other futuristic gizmo was soon buzzing around the IBG studios. Then COVID stopped them, like the rest of us, in our tracks. 

While the pandemic forced both the Delhi and Dubai offices to closed, it did not stop the creative juices from flowing, and AM-One was born. With the skills of ingenuity, and e-collaboration, came the initial draft for AM-One. What came next was a high-quality face mask, with built in HEPA filters which was conscious of design, and engineered for fit. The AM-One is an innovative, face mask, where technology, style and function meet. Additionally, as all components of this mask can be removed, and cleaned, including the HEPA filters, this cutting edge innovative product indirectly supports sustainability. The AM-One has been built to last, unlike the tonnes of single-use face masks that are finding their ways to landfills globally. The patented technology has been designed to prevent the wearer from ingesting 99.97% of airborne particles, including the Flu and COVID-19 virus. Additionally, in reality, allergy season is an annoyance of the past. The clear face mask, with anti-fog capabilities, means the wearer is free to wear emotion while wearing their AM-One. Fresh air, a full clear front, built-in HEPA filters, rechargeable batteries, and innovative design are just some of the benefits of this next generation of “smart masks”. 

Without the COVID pandemic stopping us all in our tracks, we likely would have still had the benefit of a product as unique as the AM-One come to the marketplace, but COVID fast-tracked the idea, and this innovative technology makes the news of additionally waves of COVID infection this coming winter a little easier to imagine. 

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