Yair Dabush Shares How Much YouTubers Actually Makes

Yair Dabush

Being a YouTuber is far from being just a hobby, and if you’ll ask people, many of them will say it’s not a real job. Of course, only a very small percent of people who tried to become YouTubers will make it and start earning a nice income from uploading videos, but once it happens – the revenue is out of the park. 

You might be a consumer of funny compilations, music videos, gaming or vlogging without knowing that every time you watch a video and see an ad – the creator makes money. And when it gets to millions views, the payday can be rather shocking to some people.

Many think YouTubers make money per subscriber, or per like, but that’s not true. YouTubers don’t even make money per view, because not every time someone views a video it shows ads, and there are a lot of consumers who have ad-block on. 

The Supplement – Affiliate Marketing

Apart from making money through ads shown by YouTube themselves, YouTubers make money from sponsorships, where companies pay YouTubers to talk about their app or brand in their video. For instance, some will have links for their equipment on Amazon in the video description, and when someone purchase through their link, they earn commission. 

So now, to the question we all were waiting for, how much do YouTubers actually make? We Asked Yair Dabush, a successful Israeli YouTuber.

– It all depends on the niche of the channel and the audience geography. The highest paying country is of course the United States, and the highest paying niche is making money, credit card tips and real estate. 

Potential Money Making Machine

The YouTuber Graham Stephan shared that he earns around $15-$20 per 1000 views  from his channel where he talks about the stock market, credit card and real estate. 

– As a gaming YouTuber, I can confirm that gaming YouTubers make around $4 for every 1000 views on their videos. And can make a lot of money by promoting new games or VPN companies that are sponsored by the said companies.

– Forbes publishes a list for the top YouTube earners with gamers like Preston and VanossGaming who make over $10 million dollars every year. I know I know it sounds surreal, but it’s reality. The days where being a YouTuber or a streamer isn’t considered as a job are over, and it has become job that most of the kids want to have and try to succeed in.

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