Becoming a Renowned Influencer and Serial Entrepreneur – It’s Caroline Zalog

caroline zalog

Growing up with her mom , in the early stages of her life Caroline moved around a lot. Was born in Poland, later moved to California but was always on the go. This made Caroline never truly feel that she had a home. And this, amongst other reasons serves as fuel for Caroline’s passion for success.

Well, what makes Caroline Zalog so special and stand out amidst the rest? We’re about to find out.

After the first seven years of her life, Caroline and her mother moved to the Bay Area. Caroline now resides in LA. Ever since, from a very young age, Caroline’s mindset had been shaped towards hard-work, seeing both her parents around her being very hard-working, she motivated her to get into business at a young age. Caroline’s life took a turn when she began social media.

Just like the rest of us , Caroline had no clue about this new world she found herself in or how it was going to affect her life drastically. The year 2020, was a year of big wins in Caroline’s life, seeing as this was when she got her degree in business, and at the same time reached 1 million followers on Instagram! Well it definitely was no walk in the park, but thanks to Caroline Zalog’s drive, sheer persistence and hard work, coupled with help from Chris Theodoropoulos (@blotch) , Caroline learnt to create amazing content for her page , which in turn helped her in achieving a million followers, and an ever growing fan base.

Caroline Zalog points out a number of factors that has led her to where she is currently, amongst which is consistent hard work and always staying motivated. She is highly tenacious and is never afraid to try out new things. Caroline points out that she never let’s set backs and hard moments hold her back, and is always ever grateful for the amazing love and support from her family and friends. Caroline’s role model is her loving mother, from whom she always draws strength and inspiration. When asked in a recent interview what some key moments in her life were, Caroline said “a lot of turning points in my life started out as sad ones that I was very thankful for later on. I feel like whenever a relationship would end for me, something incredibly positive would come out of it, even if it takes some time. I feel that now living in LA and focusing solely on social media, Girl next door and other things I want to focus on will be a huge turning point in my life and I can’t wait to see where it takes me”.

Caroline Zalog is currently working on her clothing company Girl Next Door with Chris Theodoropoulos. Creating quality garments for both men and women, She’s hoping to drop the first line before the end of 2020 while already making plans for the second line as well. Not only that, Caroline also seeks to venture into fitness as she hopes to help people looking for fitness help achieve their goals. She aims at starting a fitness brand called FITTY by Caroline (@fittybycaroline). Caroline Zalog has undoubtedly come a long way, from reaching 1 million followers on Instagram, to attaining a degree in business, all within a year. Caroline Zalog still has numerous projects in store, and we can’t wait to see what she does next!

INSTAGRAM: @carolinezalog

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