The Two Major Skillsets That Guarantee Long Term Success In Social Media Marketing

Social media – home of overnight success stories. But to build a substantial career, it takes the ability to adapt to constant changes and challenges. As well as building strong relationships with clients of all nature. Rei Prendi is a master of both. 

The 24-year old Albanian earned his reputation as a pioneer in the industry of social media marketing. Different than most, he entered the scene from a technical approach. At the age of 14, Prendi’s personal Facebook page got hacked. A situation leaving a teenager with many questions about the security of the social media platform. 2 years of passionate self-education in coding and social media structure, Rei Prendi had advanced to a professional level. The mix of the emotional and at times psychological task of marketing, mixed with the algorithmic and numeral approach of the technical side soon proved to be a cocktail, that would put him miles ahead of competitors. At the age of 16, he founded his agency The social media marketing group currently boast over 1000 prestigious clients from all kinds of industries. 

Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram & Youtube are more than just endless opportunities to get yourself out there. They are complex networks of monetized services, the flow of sponsored and private content is seamless and barely possible to differentiate for most consumers. Mood blog or brand distributor? Personal profile or media representative? Just a funny meme page or part of a record-breaking advertising complex? Most daily consumers just see content they like, or they don’t like. Whatever it is, it has an emotional effect on every single consumer. What used to appear random to the users of the apps, today is clearly a precisely controlled construct.

Behind the images hides a whole new language

A language that most aren’t able to speak, neither able to comprehend. It takes professionals like Rei Prendi, who are not only able to comfortably navigate their clients through the social-media universe, but also are able to break down causalities. Making the complex look feel easy, gives his clients the confidence they are looking for. And at the end of the day, his numbers and testimonials speak for himself. Prendi guides high profile clients from all over the world to their individual success stories.

Learning something new every day, finding a challenge, developing and offering the solution. There is still a lot of the passionate 14-year old that decided to enter this universe in Rei Prendi. 

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