Bhaskar Ahuja’s “TheStartupBros” Is Revolutionizing The Startup Ecosystem

Bhaskar Ahuja provides an in-depth insight into his business ventures and how he plans for the long term on his journey towards success.

Long-Term Planning

Many people in the world of business prepare to plan adequately for the future.

As a result, companies are severely hampered and face major threats of collapsing.

However, Bhaskar Ahuja certainly has no problem when it comes to planning for the long term.

As a passionate entrepreneur, investor and advisor, he has been part of several startup ventures ranging from technology to brick and mortar, to e-commerce startups. 

Currently, Bhaskar is concentrating on accelerating his two primary businesses focused on food, health, wellness & fitness leveraging top, technology to bring transparency into the food & wellness ecosystem rendering the sustainable world free from any form of adulteration. This startup is called

In addition, Bhaskar founded which is a niche consulting company primarily focusing on servicing the startup ecosystem. 

Building Top-Notch Platforms

Made by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, TheStartupBros is on a mission to help startups build top-notch technology platforms that can scale. At TheStartupbros, the team takes pride in their deep expertise in Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Engineering, and DevOps.

The beta product is already there in the market and is getting ready for an extensive rollout.

But although he is already enjoying an abundance of success, Bhaskar is planning well into the future as he sets his sights on achieving new goals.

As a result of coming from a startup background, he does not really know where he is going to end up. However, the goal is to bring value to the global supply chains and remove this world from any adulteration, especially for the CPG sector.

Staying Motivated

But how does Bhaskar stay motivated each day? That is simple – he truly believes in value creation for the betterment of the planet. And it is that which continues to drive him each day, week, month, and year.

Furthermore, surrounding himself with people who motivate and inspire him has been a key habit.

He has been really lucky to have worked with amazing innovators and the way they carry themselves has taught him a lot.

But Bhaskar would also tell his 10-year-old self an important message if he had the opportunity to do so right now.

He would emphasize that you are no better or worse than anyone, but you have every reason to be confident in yourself. He would highlight the importance of realizing that everyone has self-doubts, along with the need to relax, be kind and stay excited about life. In addition, he would state to always remember – help ever, hurt never!

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