How Marcus Alland Aims to Take Music World by Storm


Marcus Alland is vowing to do everything in his power to deliver for his listeners. Here, we hear all about his journey so far and his current financial goal in life.

Unique talent

Marcus Alland has been on a mission to take the fast-paced music world by storm since making his way onto the scene.

But the talented individual, who hails from Queens, New York, is unlike others who are in the industry.

Although he has already achieved much success on his journey so far, he continues to challenge himself and commit to achieving new goals.

Unlike many in the industry, Marcus truly places the listener at the centre of his efforts. Everything he does is for those consuming his material.

He wants to do everything in his power to be recognized for his positivity and connection to the listener.

Impressive characteristics

Marcus infuses hand crafted melodic beats and rhythmic semantics that grace his audience with substance. 

He is ready to take the world by storm, one song at a time.

Although his ambitions may seem daunting for most people, Marcus is not most people. 

The unique individual possesses an impressive, and unique, range of characteristics.

He refuses to take his foot off the gas when it comes to his ambitions and is vowing to do everything in his power to turn his vision into a reality.

Marcus is passionate, consistent and in love with his craft.

Importance of family

Furthermore, outside of his work in the music industry, he also has his sights firmly set on financial goals. Currently, his financial goal in life is to buy a house to raise a family in.

In addition, Marcus never forgets about the main factors that have got him to where he is today – they are God, family and passion.

With his father as his biggest role model, Marcus never forgets about the importance of family.

His passions when it comes to his free time would be to spend time with his fiancee and make time for his family. And his top three core values in life are God, family and great health.

A special moment in his life also proved to be a major turning point – this came when he proposed to his now fiancee.

Marcus has been featured in multiple articles and the press, as well as having my music played on various musical platforms. 

Most recently, he has been featured in Bridge Music Magazine and had his single, “Sky is Never the Limit”, on Indie Network.

But this is just the beginning of Marcus’ journey. There is plenty more to come, with listeners around the world in for a wonderful treat.

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