Charlie Mccoy on becoming the Maverick Visionary behind Multi-Million CPG Disruptor, Artisan Luxury Brands

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Because of his passion for establishing and developing enterprises, Charlie McCoy decided to create a business that uses his experiences and innovativeness, along with a team of talented creative. The Artisan Media Group or AMG is the digital marketing and branding arm of Artisan Luxury Brands, specializing in creating and growing various brands. It offers different creative services such as branding, design, and content creation that ultimately brings the clients’ ideas and visions into life. And aside from that, the agency produces original content of its own across the brands’ portfolios of Youtube channels. To simply put, AMG is a digital and marketing firm dedicated to developing different brands and equip them with an incomparable competitive advantage. Charlie had these 3 tips to share:

Have a Clear Vision
From the beginning, make sure you have a clear vision for what you want to create. This should also be something that is clear and understandable to anyone who will be working for you. Also, it’s essential to be purpose-driven. This will act as a constant reminder of what you are working so hard for.

Set Attainable Goals
The goals you set for your business should be reachable. When you begin to attain them and check them off, this will provide you with additional fuel to keep going in the face of hardship.

Be Malleable
Being able to adapt and pivot, in order to move accordingly when things change, is essential. Things will always change. It’s the only constant in existence. When they do, you should be able to adjust. Having a vision and purpose for your business is essential. These will get you through the hard times and help you stay focused on the bigger picture. Staying purpose-driven will help you stay in a positive mindset and push forward despite obstacles that will undoubtedly rear their heads.

Charlie McCoy has indeed become a force to be reckoned with across several industries. Ever since he launched his brand back in 2017, Charlie has continuously gathered a wide array of clients, ranging from CEOs and entrepreneurs to artists and celebrities.

” Imagine Supreme and Proctor and Gamble has a love child, it would like Artisan Luxury Brands. Artisan Luxury Brands’ verticals consist of fifteen lines of revenue as well as five separate businesses that operate in New York City, with global sales. The CPG company gets its tagline “the dopest creative agency in NYC” from its CEO’s confidence in his team and himself to make the impossible possible.

While building successful businesses might have become his distinguishing factor, Charlie McCoy would always look back and recall the hardships he underwent over the years. But instead of despising these difficult times, he remained grateful that he made these risky decisions in the past. Had it not been for these moments, Charlie would not have reached the summits of success with brilliance and exceptional finesse. Through his stories of trials and triumphs, he hopes to inspire others to follow their dreams no matter how difficult they may seem.

Being one of the leading authorities in the entrepreneurship space, Charlie McCoy wasted no time extending his insights and experiences during this COVID-19 climate. He believes that by sharing the aforementioned tips and tricks, he can help struggling business owners. For him, nothing is more rewarding than being a part of others’ success.

Learn more about Charlie McCoy and his ventures by checking out Artisan Luxury Brands and The Grooming Alchemist.

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