Filling the Dating Industry Niche with Boos

Arash Barmaan
Arash Barmaan

We sat down to talk with Arash Barmaan, the founder and CEO of the world’s first Persian-Jewish dating app called Boo’s. This is the first-ever dating app to unite the Persian and Jewish communities under one roof. The Persian and Jewish communities tend to be a bit similar with their pressure to marry someone of a certain success level or someone who has a certain job and fits within a certain category. Boos wants to help people of both communities break out of these standards, pursue whatever career they would like to, whilst simultaneously finding someone within the community of like-minded individuals. 

In 2021 we are all about breaking down social norms and barriers and Arash Barmaan is tackling said feat from a whole new angle. Boos sole purpose is to help the Persian-Jewish community get married faster and more quickly than ever before instead of struggling until your mid 30’s to 40’s to finally find someone to settle down with. That being said, there have been very few within the community that have forged their own path and had a “forbidden” and “taboo” relationship and marriage. Arash detailed how, “many have also joined to satisfy their need for a new life-long journey with their partners, so the possibilities are endless for whoever decides to use and give Boos a once in a lifetime chance and opportunity.”

As of right now, Boos services are only available on the Boos IOS mobile application and on the Boos dating website, Arash and his team are working to provide an Android compatible application as fast as they can. So at this point, you are probably asking, “what’s this app like?” As far as paid in-app services go, Boos will have a premium and deluxe membership known as VIP (Very Important Persian), where the user will have an enhanced variety of premium options and features to use to their best of abilities. 

Leaving us with one final note Arash wants you to remember is, “even though Boos is mainly targeted towards the demographics of the Persian-Jewish community and population, it absolutely does not exclude anyone or anybody that wants to download this app for whatever reason that may be necessary. Boos will be free to download for all users, no matter what gender, race, or ethnicity that they come from. The more people that join the Boos community, the happier and merrier everyone will be.”

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