MagniSkin – Two Sisters Passionate About Skincare & Empowering Women


Sometimes the career paths we initially take do not end up being the ones that lead us where we are destined to go. This is especially true of Pinar and Songul, two sisters who founded the incredibly successful MagniSkin salon in the summer of 2019 after deciding that corporate life just wasn’t for them. Since deciding to pursue their passion for skincare, these two have been unstoppable. They and their teams travel the world treating their clients to world-class services delivered with love and dedication. Without their passion for empowering women to feel beautiful and confident in their skin, this duo would not be where they are today. Their devotion to their business and brand is unmatched. 

Making Women Feel Beautiful

If you ask the founders of the MagniSkin salon what the best part of their job is, they will tell you it is making women feel more confident within themselves. It is behind everything that they and their team do. These sisters work 24/7 thinking of new ideas to help support and grow their brand. They have always kept up with the latest trends, and their main goal is to help empower women and make them feel comfortable in their skin. MagniSkin has certainly done that. They have built a salon with the latest technology in the industry, offering the best services to their clients. Providing everything from facials to the famous Brazilian Booty Lift, it is impossible for women not to walk out of their salon feeling confident and beautiful.

How Beauty Gurus Stay Comfortable in Their Skin

As owners of a skincare spa dedicated to keeping women feeling beautiful and glowing, then you must guess that they stay on top of their skincare regime. Of course, they do! Their morning routines include prepping their skin with cleanser, toner, and SPF before applying makeup, including lashes, the one beauty item they say they can’t live without. During their breaks from clients, they make sure to stay hydrated, which is paramount to great skin. After dinner together, the sisters spend time pampering themselves and their skin with regular face masks and having herbal teas and fresh fruits. A good night’s sleep keeps their mind, body, and skin looking their best and gets them ready to conquer another day creating content, marketing, and treating their clients to fantastic treatments. 

Tips From the Pros

There are some key beauty tips that Pinar and Songul shared that they think everyone should know. In between facials and treatments, it is essential to practice a regimented skincare routine. They suggest that you should always take a collagen supplement before you sleep, wash your face with cold water to stimulate blood flow and tighten the skin, and sleep with a silk pillowcase. Of course, most importantly, wear SPF daily. With clients flocking to them that include influencers, music artists, and reality tv stars, this is sure to be all be sound advice.

How to Keep Up With MagniSkin

If you want to learn more about this London-based spa or book an appointment with them, you can visit them at their website. They have a list of services they offer and their benefits. Trust me. You may want to book several. You can also find their Magni Academy on their website. The academy has courses on several topics, including dermaplaning, stretch marks, and their popular bumcial. Their Instagram profile,, is full of informative, entertaining, and engaging content for those fascinated by skincare. It will keep you up-to-date on specials and all the new and exciting changes constantly happening at this salon. 

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