From Niche Events To Mainstream Happenings – Meet The Difference

Bruce Prichard, Lee McAteer, Ross Alcock and Eric Bischoff (Image: Wrestling Travel)

Social media expert Ross Alcock has played a leading role in the success stories of many major brands. His visionary approach to growth through social media is now taking him to the next level. 

Whilst working as the head of marketing for the Invasion Camp Group alongside founder Lee McAteer, Alcock established his name as well as those of several successful brands. By taking responsibility for the social media audience and traction of the key target groups, he played a pivotal role in the creation and growth of a number of now prestigious Invasion Camp Group organizations. With empathy and expertise, he turns companies that cater particular audiences and scenes into mainstream brands. He He does so in impressive style. WrestlingTravel, who bring European fans of the sports to the major US-American events, are just one of his major success stories.

It takes vision and sometimes a little bit of boldness – during his time working for the Invasion Group, Alcock also gained global attention alongside McAteer for turning the Group’s office into the world’s largest adult ball pit, with over 200 million views all over the world. 

Last year, Alcock made another popular appearance circling mainstream channels again, after giving blunt interviews on the BBC about the state of the United Kingdom’s wrestling industry. His strong opinion and charismatic delivery were shared and welcomed by many.

The time has come for Ross Alcock to launch his very own media agency

Ducking Media specializes in helping blue chip organizations and sports teams gain substantial traction in the key demographic (18-30) through social media. Alcock is now using his experience and visionary approach to increase the growth of well established organizations beyond their own expectations, as well as transforming niche & scene conventions into major events of global attraction. 

The social media guru speaks any target group’s language fluently – meaning he always hits the sweet spot. The result: Grateful clients, that are finally offered the keys to the audience they are aiming for. And clients that are finally led to the right product, leading to explosive growth. Ross Alcock sees a hundred opportunities to connect with key audiences, where others might get lost in translation, or simply don’t know how to make the first steps.

His creative attitude sees him constantly one step ahead of the rest, leaving no doubt that his own agency is going to turn into his masterpiece.

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