Getting Yourself Big In The Business Of Marketing – Stepan Talabira

stepan talabira

Entrepreneurship can lead someone down many unexpected paths – and that’s exactly what happened with developer-turned-marketer Stepan Talabira!

Change Of Plans – Switching From One To Another

Unlike many entrepreneurs, Stepan never originally started on the path that he is now on – but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t doing a perfectly wonderful job wherever he goes! A lot of people tend to settle on a life-long career path, but a few also decide to switch up their entire lives and, instead of going with the original plan, Stepan Talabira has decided that it was about time he changed his career path – and so, he did.

Originally interested in just mathematics and cybernetics, Stepan has soon also gained a love for business, mainly due to its extreme similarities to mathematics! Specifically, his main area of interest was the wonderfully close relationship between advertising marketing and mathematics!

Getting Big With Entrepreneurship – The Goal

When asked about what his entrepreneurial endgame actually is, Stepan has said that getting his clients’ small business to the very next level is what he aims for! Of course, pulling off such a thing is no easy task, seeing as marketing is rather complex overall, but it will all be worth the effort in the end.

Although originally focused on cybernetics and pure mathematics, Stepan has also chosen to later specialize himself in the respectably complex matters of business economics and their implications! Although many might say that a 2-year gap between cybernetics, as well as mathematics, and business economics is rather small – especially for an entire career path transition – Stepan Talabira has actually proven the opposite, if his current successes are anything to go by.

Entrepreneurship Lessons – Turn That Frown Upside Down

The biggest lesson that Stepan has learned in his current field of work is that turning a negative into a positive is absolutely critical to do whenever possible – especially when it comes to entrepreneurship and your career as a whole. Focusing on the ongoing negatives is necessary in order to solve problems, but giving the negatives all of your focus can be extremely detrimental to both your health AND your business!

Accumulating experience and learning absolutely everything that you can is an absolutely critical step when it comes to the process of overcoming the obstacles that appear in your way. If you lack the proper experience, the negatives might get too overwhelming to deal with, and so the foundation which had once been stable may then crumble into a pile of desolate dust.

Preventing Failure – Turning Failures Into Successes

As previously mentioned, turning your path’s negatives into positives can be a real struggle to topple over, but the results will be well worth it if done properly. As with anything, nothing is easy to do – especially when it comes to the world of entrepreneurship – but, should you manage to pull it off as well as Stepan Talabira did!

Yet another thing that a lot of people should get in the habit of would be working while on vacation – even if many sources have said that working while on a nice holiday shouldn’t EVER be done. Work is good when done in moderation, and making sure that you can always do a little bit at a time every day, or at the very least every other day, is absolutely vital in achieving the success that many dream of and even more manage to miss.

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