Avoiding Burnout In Entrepreneurship with Nolan Johnson

nolan johnson

We all know that a nice ‘kick back and relax’ session can do everyone some good – but sometimes people forget about their importance, and so Nolan Johnson is here to encourage a healthier balance.

How To Balance Your Work And Play – Perfectly Balanced

A perfect work-life balance is certainly something that many aspire to achieve – and yet, not so many actually manage to achieve it! This is mainly because of the fact that, at times, certain careers – such as entrepreneurship – tend to pour over into your free time as well, mainly because such careers tend to be extremely dynamic. Now, it’s not to say that dynamic careers are, in any way, shape, or form bad – they’re simply just that little bit harder to balance.

This is exactly why it’s very important to remember that relaxation is key to a healthy working life – stress does nothing good to the body, and it’s not all that good for the mind either! Making a clear distinction between when it’s time to relax and when it’s time to work is something that is absolutely vital to do – mainly for the sake of stress prevention AND stress reduction.

Passion And Business – As All Things Should Be

The best way in which one can fully balance their work-life and their leisure-life is through ensuring that their program is rigid – ensuring that nothing goes over schedule is absolutely vital to do if a proper balance is to be achieved! For example, Nolan likes spending his leisure time golfing, driving wonderfully exotic cars, and trying new restaurants – and, if you’ll notice, all of these activities are experience-rich events, which is sure to also aid him in his work-life!

When it comes to work, Nolan is one of the fortunate few people that legitimately enjoys his job – which does help with reducing overall stress levels, allowing to be even more productive than the rest! Ensuring that your career is also something you like is essential to a proper work-life balance, since doing something that you despise is simply bound to throw you into a fairly jagged road.

Role Models In Entrepreneurship – Balance Aid

And, even after all that has already been discussed in this article, having a role model can also help people keep a healthy work-life balance – especially since Nolan can most definitely stand by this fact without any doubts. Support is important, and so is socialisation – combine the two and you’ve got the essential structures needed for a role model.

For Nolan, his principal role models are his parents – they were the people that have always been by his side, and he couldn’t even think of any better role models. Role models are, whenever possible, supposed to be the people that provide the ones that look up to them with inspiration – especially when the darker hours hit, e it due to their careers or just life in general. Like all parents, Nolan’s folks want what’s the very best for him – and their continuous support is what has kept him going all throughout the struggles that he has endured during his path!

And, of course, Nolan hasn’t let all of his struggles and successes go unnoticed, seeing as his social media accounts get constant updates in regards to where he currently is with his career! If you’re an up-and-coming entrepreneur that’s simply looking for someone to look up to, Nolan Johnson may be the person that you’ve been looking for all this time – you can always find him on his Instagram (@nolan201) AND on his Youtube channel, which is filled with wonderfully made videos:


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