How Bretton Key Is Transforming The Dating World

Bretton Key
Bretton Key, founder of My Date Jar

Launched in April 2022, Date Jar is on a mission to keep people together. We hear all about founder Bretton Key’s journey as he turned his vision into reality.

Overcoming Relationship Ruts

Regardless of whether you are married, a couple or single, relationship ruts are something that affects us all at some point.

Repetitive dates play a key part in this dreaded scenario. If you are reading this, I am sure you can relate.

But now there is a solution to ensure people avoid falling into this trap.

Innovative app Date Jar is a brilliant way to figure out what to do on dates. 

Gone are the days when you spend hours tirelessly planning out a date – now you can relax and shift much of your focus on deciding what to wear.

The app is not here for matchmaking but will undoubtedly match you up with memorable date experiences that are enjoyable for whatever stage you are at in your relationship.

This is the one dating app that helps married people, couples and singles get out of those relationship ruts. 

The app has a sole focus of keeping people together. Date Jar is here to eliminate the pain of figuring out what to do – and allows you to have better quality time with the person you hold dear.

Dating World Transformed

Date Jar was formed in November of 2021, but it did not launch until April of 2022.

It is clear to see that founder Bretton Key has completely transformed the dating world.

But this was only made possible thanks to his dedication to delivering on his vision.

However, along his impressive journey so far, Bretton has learned many valuable lessons.

While many people avoid taking note of key lessons in their life, Bretton ensured he used his lessons to develop.

The biggest lesson that he has learned is that everything does not have to be perfect for you to start – and that consistency, a plan and determination is all you need.

Biggest Success

Bretton’s biggest success is his three amazing kids. But from a business perspective, it is launching an app that is not like any other out in the market. 

Creating a one-of-a-kind app has been a major success for him.

But although he has already enjoyed success, there is plenty more to come in the future as Bretton sets his sights on achieving new goals.

He is on a mission to make Date Jar a household name. Furthermore, he wants to gain hundreds of thousands of users within the first two years of the launch. 

And with his work ethic and commitment, Bretton’s ambitious goals will certainly become a reality.

Follow Date Jar on Instagram @mydatejar, on Facebook at, or on YouTube. Click here to visit their website.

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