How Sam Hoss Is Collaborating With The Biggest Names In The Music Scene

sam hoss

Looking at the growth of the music industry, especially from the recent past proves the number of richly talented individuals we have in the industry, despite the fierce competition they face each day. It is not a walk in the park to create music that impacts people positively and connects with their deepest chords. It takes immense passion and determination to keep creating something new and serve all music lovers with cool and foot-tapping tracks. One such rising rapper and musical artist from Canada is Sam Hoss.

Born in Tehran, as Sam turned ten, he moved to Canada. A new place brought along other changes in his life and hence; he shifted focus to basketball and music. Sam always had innate skills and a special inclination towards music, since creativity ran deep in his family line with his father being a singer (from whom he learnt the essence of singing), his aunt a published poet, and his cousin, an already renowned international artist.

Realizing that music is his true calling, he struggled initially as he did not know English. So, he worked very hard to catch up with his peers, adapting to the new place and its culture. He went through various difficulties in the process since rapping required a strong command over the language. Hence, he decided to work relentlessly and get nearer to his goals to make it big as a rapper.

Taking inspiration from already acclaimed artists like Russ and 50 Cent, Sam tried to hone his skills, better his craft and emerge as the new sensation in Canada’s hip hop world. Today, he has gained massive momentum into the saturated industry with his innovations as a rapper who knows how to deliver unique sound through modern flows and melodic hooks.

Consistently for two years, Sam has proved his mettle across Canada’s music industry and is raring to reach the top of the world as a rapper. As a kid, music has been something that has stayed within Sam, such has been his affinity towards the field and since then, the music bug bit him.

Artists throughout their journeys, learn several things. In fact, each day comes with a learning lesson for creative minds. These lessons help them to carry on in their future endeavours and allow them to taste more success. Sam too has kept learning and gaining more knowledge as an individual to also improve upon his craft as a musical artist. He strongly believes and says, “no matter how hard things get, I know they’ll always get better.” This has motivated him all his life as he also holds a positive attitude, knowing that he has what it takes to make it in the industry and in life.

Sam believes in staying away from negative people and suggests other youngsters to keep hustling in silence to achieve their goals in life. He advises other young artists that the process may not be easy, but one must never give up.

Sam stands apart from others in the industry as he makes music from his heart and soul. He has already worked with Rick Ross and aims to work with Lil Wayne in the future. He also wishes to expand his studio to give a platform to other young artists to make it in the industry. Currently, he is excited to drop his debut project on September 4, 2020, across all streaming platforms.

Follow this young music sensation on Instagram now @mrsamhoss

And listen to his new released track and album:

“Problem” on Spotify

“Fire Spitta” on Spotify

“Fire Spitta” on Apple Music

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