The Man That Saw Tomorrow… Marco Calamassi

marco calamassi

…born March 20, 1986, in Poggibonsi, Siena, Italy, the young entrepreneur founder of BrandsBuilder, and author of the book “shaping the reality of 2050” has gained global recognition through his works in digital marketing and e-commerce space, with a handful of companies following his lead in their approach to fully scale up and utilize the digital space through the effective use of social media for the right audience-targeting has placed Marco Calamassi as the man that saw tomorrow.

One of the reviewers of his book states that “Marco A. Calamassi outlines the digital environment that will emerge and thrive in the upcoming decades and depict coders as the architects of that era. This implies that ethics and morale will play a big role in our profession.”

This has gone to show how much of a future seer he is – as the man that saw tomorrow, through the mental technique that has helped him become the man he is at the moment, in a field that has remained dynamic and highly competitive across the globe. His approach to how digital marketing his perceived has led many top companies following his guidelines to maximizing sales by broadening the use of their online marketing.

Having been involved in e-commerce since 2011, and being part of some of the world’s most elite online mastermind professionals and marketing forums on the internet. He has under his sleeves built, leveled, oversee, and sold many famous brands created on platforms like Shopify and Clickfunnels.

The man that saw tomorrow opines that “social media influencers are defined by the numbers on their scoreboard, their social media followers in this case. Often friendly and outgoing, they are considered to be experts in their niche categories – such as gaming or cooking or fitness.” This further showed the future of digital marketing and how companies are beginning to adapt to the change, which is and is to come. The future belongs to those who can demystify the mystery of tomorrow before it ever begins which is what Marco Calamassi continues to do through his works in digital marketing and e-commerce space.

A brief history of the man that saw tomorrow took us back to when he joined his family business, which began the launch into his personal growth; lifestyle, and entrepreneurship skill. Managing his family clothing business and rental properties, gave him the exposure he needed through meeting people and developing an interactive mind for strong communication skill.

Though there are several mastermind professionals in varying fields, including digital marketing, but what stands Marco Calamassi out as the man that saw tomorrow, is his ability to dymistyfy the mystery of what many didn’t see in such an early time. As the internet continues to take different forms and shapes, and breaking grounds many thought it had reached its peak, but the man that saw tomorrow knew before-hand that tomorrow had more veiled packages than what is being unveiled today.

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His ability to see before-hand has changed the way companies and individuals approach the internet, nolonger business as usual, but a more defined and purposeful approach of unmasking, unveiling every form of exposure to creatively interact with and to build true followers, which in turn labels the provider as a brand. This goes beyond the regular human-app approach and the green screen approach, to a flexible, defined, and purposeful human to human interaction that establishes huge engagement.

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