How To Make Your First Million By The Age Of 21 – The Unusual Story Of Drayson Little

The story of Drayson Little is inspiring and sets an example for any aspiring young entrepreneurs – use you assets and work hard & smart. Because it pays back.

Drayson Little is a 21-year-old man who has already seen great success. He began his career in business early on in life and despite only just reaching his twenties, has multiple e-commerce websites that have already netted him more than $2 million in sales!

Drayson does not have any physical dealings with stock, and that is because he utilises the method of dropshipping, which, if you are unfamiliar, falls under the definition of being a “streamlined form of retail business wherein the seller accepts customer orders, but does not keep goods sold in stock.” For various reasons – space and costs being the most obvious ones – dropshipping carries some significant advantages over the traditional alternative. 

But choosing to dropship alone is no guarantee of success. Little has several factors working in his favour; for starters, when he started, he was just selling a unique iPhone cover design, now he has an extensive and ever-growing range of products on offer. More products will generally mean more interest for more customers! Over the years, he has tested out many different items to find out what is worth selling, as opposed to just focusing on the cheapest stock options.

Another key benefit is that he understands the power of good promotion, fully controlling the marketing side of things. He knows how he can increase the number of visitors coming to his websites, and a successful marketing strategy proves this. When asked, he also points to customer service as being a key factor to get right, which is, of course, true. But something else he interestingly points to when asked how he stays ahead of the competition is related to impulse sales. Drayson thinks that he generally does better understanding what encourages an impulse purchase from customers than his rivals do. Impulse buying is responsible for a good deal of sales, so it is a good case to raise.

If you are interested in making a business out of dropshipping, it is well worth looking into further, with someone like Drayson highlighting how rewarding a venture it could be. You don’t have to choose Shopify to set up your store, and there are thousands of e-commerce management options to choose from, but it is one of the most popular choices. 

Always remember though, as important as a good shop with good products and good customer service is, if no one can find the website, you won’t be a success. Hence why Drayson says that his creative marketing strategy is a big part of his achievement, so make sure you know your promotion or hire someone who does!

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