Will Basta Shares Secrets to Being a Top Player in the Competitive Ecommerce World

William Basta

If you want a more secure and stable financial portfolio, it is essential to diversify your assets. On top of traditional investments, leveraging current technology and e-commerce is the way to grow your assets further. Fortunately, diversifying a financial portfolio is the expertise of Will Basta. 

Will Basta is an eight-figure entrepreneur and investor who is always looking to disrupt the E-commerce industry automation space for the better. He co-founded Ascend Ecom, a powerful multifaceted company specializing in logistics, wholesale distribution, and ecommerce rolled into a business entity with an established presence in Walmart and Amazon. 

The entrepreneur has been in the tech space for more than ten years, with five years of experience in the ecommerce industry. The business leader saw an opportunity in ecommerce when he saw a gap they are capable of filling in. His team saw many ineffective providers due to lousy leadership, operations, business ethics, and project implementation. 

Ascend Ecom stands out from the competition in the industry primarily because of its three main qualities: infrastructure, values, and business model separate. It is the first and only company to be a product wholesale distributor, a logistics company, and an ecommerce automation company. 

Under the leadership of Will, Ascend Ecom is dedicated to building and managing sustainable passive income yielding digital assets for its partners in e-commerce. They have taken the lead in developing innovative solutions within the technology, e-commerce and logistics space for almost three years, helping clients launch, operate, and scale profitable digital assets.

On top of co-founding Ascend Ecom, Will is also a top entrepreneur, real estate investor, and VC. The versatile industry leader believes that the key to his success is a positive outlook, a thankful attitude, and the ability to build deep and meaningful relationships with people. 

As Will Basta grows Ascend Ecom’s network, he hopes to offer their services to primarily clients ages 25 to 55 who are looking to diversify their passive income investments. 

Will Basta is also developing an eco-luxury rental brand and real estate portfolio in Venice beach, CA. Additionally, he has invested in developing hospitality projects overseas, real estate properties, and an independent film. 

“Persevering through the ups and downs with a positive outlook and always building strong business relationships on the way,” says the co-founder. 

Will Basta’s ultimate motivation to be the top player in the industry is to legitimize the automation space so they can provide long-term value to their partners and investors. 

“In a highly competitive industry, we want to lead with transparency, innovation and sustainability. We exclusively run a hybrid business model for sourcing products and have two Ascend warehouse facilities, we do not outsource any part of our business.”

Will Basta envisions Ascend Ecom to keep rolling out new innovative efforts for the benefit of their client’s financial assets and also, in the long run, expand their reach outside of the ecommerce industry so they can take advantage of their existing client base. In effect, this would help them create more programs that will benefit the investors.