How To Monetize A Career In Social Media Without Losing Yourself

Abraham Adegeye’s passion for fashion photography turned into a career before he even noticed. The time, in which social platforms turned into a strong industry, brought other changes too.

Real name Abraham Adegeye, this fashion influencer has been making waves in his chosen field under his alias Abrahamdailydosis. But it is not just about the fashion as Abraham is into photography too, and it is in combining both of his passions he has created his business template.

Abraham has been working closely with Zalando, a Berlin based/ European online store where he has featured his creator profile allowing customers to buy his own outfits. And it was in putting together his outfits the business plan has its base. From a schoolchild, he uploaded photos of his outfits, at first starting out as a private hobby. But as he did it more, he saw the quality of his material improve and he decided to try and take things to a professional level. Abraham’s main intention was to inspire people whilst giving them some insight into his life. He took care with his posts when sharing his work, and although he was not expecting it, around 4 years ago, his hobby turned into a profession.

Now, Abraham has been able to work with some top names. He has worked as an ambassador for Nike, Timberland, Umbro, G-star, Coca-Cola, Sprite, Diesel and H&M. Along with this he has produced campaigns working with About You,Fossil, Vans, Converse, Pacsun and Gant. In addition to this, he participated in a major Sprite campaign last year which focused on the topic of cyberbullying and diversity. The campaign aired on TV and also formed an app that featured on thousands of YouTube videos. In addition, the campaign received a good amount of local and national press coverage.

Moving forward, Abrahamdailydosis, as he is known in his social circles, wants to create a lot more videos for his brand. His focus is YouTube but is considering releasing videos on Instagram since the platform seems to be on fire these days! One thing he stresses is that the overall side he wants viewers to witness is the ‘actual me’ and put across the point that there is a huge difference between people’s perception of his character and his actual personality.

In addition to creating more videos he would like to form a new business, which would no doubt be a very interesting venture for this fashion influencer.

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