It’s Comeback Season For Persia Grai

The Detroit artist is reportedly back in the studio working on multiple new releases.

It’s been almost a year since the Detroit rapper released his last single ‘Dark Magician’. One of many impressive tracks released by an artist, who has come a long way to a highly anticipated return. And who has declared this time to be his time. 

Whether it’s for his unique and heartfelt life story, or for his undeniable talent, Persia Grai deserves more than one shot at fame. 

He had his first taste of it when his single track ‘Juice’ went viral in 2017, hitting over 100k plays within the first month. 

Ever since, he has managed to keep those numbers up. Yet if you’d ask the young artist whether he feels like he is where he belongs, he’d tell you something else.

Three years after his biggest hit so far, the stage looks more set for him than ever.

With hip-hop recently allowing to drop its walls to diverse artists and open up more and more for influences and collaborations outside of a strongly defined culture, the bilingual artist and his many influences meet a different audience in 2020.

The lyricist who has shared festival stages with greats such as Big Sean and Travis Porter has been teasing his comeback for a while now – or let’s say sources close to Persia Grai have had a hard time joining his secretive silence.

Anyway, so far we’ve heard that he is looking to drop multiple bodies of work in the near future, including both English and Latin projects. 

This should please all fans of the multi-talented musician from Detroit. 

Persia Grai has made a name for himself as a strong live performer.

Growing up in the hometown of arguably the biggest rapper of his generation, Eminem will always have had an influence, or at least been an inspiration for Persia Grai. 

But he has credited a wide range of genres and formations that inspired him before, including not only the Detroit rap legend but also Lil Wayne, Carlos Santana, Aerosmith & Bone Thugs ’N’ Harmony – talk about diversity!

With his lyric-heavy releases, Persia Grai is not the typical artist found in a 2020 playlist. But as we’re reaching a point of inflation in an industry of less and less self-inspired acts, his creative recipe is probably exactly what the scene is waiting for.

We’re ready.