Lin Oeding – From Celebrities’ Stuntman to Cobra Kai Director

Cobra Kai | Lin Oeding

Lin Oeding, a veteran stuntman with over twenty years of experience in the movie-making industry, has gained worldwide recognition for directing 2 episodes of Cobra Kai (Season 3), a TV Series which recently broke all-time records.


As a child, Lin Oeding was passionate about martial arts. He made an art film with his friends, even if at the beginning it did not look quite nice, he was not disappointed and discouraged. Lin Oeding attended the film school at the University of Texas in Austin. To keep up with the movie industry he read a lot of books on film-making, critique reviews and commentary. Without a doubt, the school had a huge importance in his career but the time invested in extra work made the difference. 

He started his career with Walker Texas Ranger where he had the amazing opportunity to work with famous actor and personality Chuck Norris. After this, he took part on big projects over the years such as  The Last Samurai, Inception, and Star Trek. With over 100 movies on his record as a stunt coordinator, Lin was around numerous brilliant directors, always watching and observing. 

The notorious director F. Gray Gray was impressed by Lin’s skills and he asked him to work as a director on two crucial scenes. After his contribution as a director in Straight Outta Compton, Lin worked on his own film, called Lifted and this is where his career as a director really took off. In 2018 he celebrated his success by directing the action-thriller Braven, where Lin Oeding worked with Jason Momoa and Stephen Lang. The movie got the attention of important film critiques like The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, LA Times, and NY Post which contributed enormously to the overall rating of the movie and its success worldwide. 

His present achievements even got him a star on the walk of fame. Lin Oeding is definitely deserving of his success. At the moment, he juggles between being a film director, stunt coordinator and being an actor as well. 

Lin Oeding while directing


From just a simple boy who loved martial arts and who started playing with a camera since he was just a kid, to directing one of the most popular Tv Series of the last decade. Lin Oeding knew the path he was going to follow and he worked hard to get there. He has a special eye for effects, story-telling and his 20 year experience is definitely an important characteristic that helped him to become a famous director nowadays. Moreover, being surrounded by the right people with years and years of experience at the highest level, allowed Lin Oeding to learn a lot from them. Shadowing famous directors and working with excellent actors has definitely helped him become the professional he is today. 

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