Muharrem Hasani, Now 36 Years Old, will Return to Kickboxing in October With a Fresh Look and a Powerful Voice

muharrem hasani
muharrem hasani

Brave Muharrem Hasani became a three-time WFC world kickboxing champion following years of hard work. We hear about just what it takes to be successful in and out of the ring.

Three-Time World Champion

Muharrem Hasani, aged 36, has enjoyed a remarkable journey as a Thai boxer and kickboxer to date.

The brave fighter started in the world of martial arts at the age of 15 and became a kickboxer in 2000.

Since then, he has never looked back and has gone from strength to strength.

But there is plenty more to come in the future for Muharrem.

After starting kickboxing as a youngster, he has continued to build experience which has enabled him to learn and master many techniques during his time in the sport.

The biggest success for Muharrem so far is that he managed to become a three-time WFC world kickboxing champion.

The years of hard work that he has put into the sport have paid off. But he is vowing to continue developing his talents and building on his strengths even more.

Valuable Lessons

There have also been many lessons that Muharrem has learned along the way.

The biggest lesson he has learned in fighting is that it is not a tough man’s sport, it is a thinking man’s sport. 

He believes that a tough man is going to get really hurt in this sport and that it is actually all about thinking.

As well as being a world champion in kickboxing three times, Muharrem runs a successful school in Switzerland, named Muki Gym GmbH, and a construction business, named HB Inova AG.

Furthermore, he has his sights firmly set on getting back into the ring this year, in October, where he has every chance of adding to his impressive record in the ring.

Patience is Key

In addition, Muharrem has an important message that he would tell his 10-year-old self right now if he had the opportunity to do so.

He would highlight the importance of youngsters needing to be very patient and to be more focused to train very hard and to have a military discipline because if you work hard then everything is possible. His 3 brothers, Milot, Mergim, and Mendim, have been extremely influential in his life as well. Family is significant to Muharrem.

Every financial goal that Muharrem has ever set for himself has been accomplished, and every fantasy that he has had since he was a youngster of having cars and watches, as well as having a school for martial arts and kickboxing, and the money to travel and have the fun he always wanted as a kid, has actually happened.

The hard work has well and truly paid off for Muharrem – and there is sure to be plenty more to celebrate in the future thanks to his unique work ethic and talent.

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