Star Salmon Recipes

bering seafood
bering seafood

Celebrities pay a lot of attention to their diet. Their diet is made up of the best chefs and nutritionists. And often, on the menu of the top celebrities, you can find dishes from wild salmon from the “Vostochny Bereg” (“Bering Seafood”). It isn’t easy to find a product with the same nutritional value and quality.

Beauty Julia Roberts adheres to a diet of 30% marine fish. Therefore, she prefers delicious but straightforward grilled salmon dishes for her menu: steam or grill. It’s impossible not to agree with Julia – wild grilled salmon is perfect for everyday diet.

Let’s reveal a few more options for cooking baked salmon from star people. For example, the world star Halle Berry bakes salmon with vegetable salsa or zucchini with cheese, mushrooms, and green onions. Supermodel Carly Cross rubs kosher salmon with olive oil, salt, and dill, tops it with lemon slices and grills the dish at 180 degrees for about half an hour. Australian model Miranda Kerr shares her recipe for cooking baked salmon – the star adds turmeric, garlic, and lemon to the fillet. Miranda is generally a real fan of salmon – the model eats a salad of this most valuable fish, spinach, dill, olives, tomatoes, and carrots every day. Perhaps that is why she manages to be in great shape even after the birth of a child.

In the diet of the Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen and her husband, you will not see either sweet or salty, or starchy foods. This is not the whole list of restrictions. For example, dishes with nightshade vegetables (eggplants, tomatoes, etc.), mushrooms, and olive oil are banned from the star family. Allen Campbell, the couple’s chef, commented on their preferences: “The vast majority are vegetables. I buy the freshest food, and if the food is not organic, they won’t eat it. In addition to vegetables, they choose lean meats such as organic steaks, duck, and chicken. Favorite fish is wild salmon.” Only those products obtained in an environmentally friendly environment and prepared without additives and preservatives can be classified as organic. Wild salmon caught by the Kamchatka company “Vostochny Bereg” (“Bering Seafood“) is seen in the cleanest rivers of the region in compliance with all international norms and standards. Already 4 hours after harvest, the fish is shock-frozen and sent to consumers worldwide. Pacific salmon, such as pink salmon and chum salmon, are prized by nutrition and health experts worldwide. The best chefs note the excellent taste of seafood from the company “Vostochny Bereg” (“Bering Seafood”), obtained in Kamchatka, and the most delicate structure of the fish.

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