Steven Franz Changes The Shape Of Video Content Creation

For those who don’t know him yet – Steven Franz is an upcoming social media influencer from Texas. He is 24 years old with over 146K followers on Instagram and 85K on Youtube. What makes him such a buzz as a rising content creator? Well, it’s his unique way of getting things done! 

Steven is not afraid to take bold steps to ensure that he brings us 100% genuine entertainment. It isn’t sugarcoated, nor does it have hired actors to react. He mingles with the crowd, even plays pranks to bring us original content. Let’s take a look at some of the crazy ideas he had and what Steven believes in: 

Pumpin’ It Up At A Music Fest! 

During a Music Fest in Austin, Steven dressed up at Lil Pump. You might think: “How would that work?” But the resemblance was uncanny. He straight up breezed through the crowd with some fans taking pics. More importantly, he showed us what a little preparation and confidence could do. He had a team that acted as his bodyguards and manager to give it a proper zeal of Lil Pump. It shows us the lengths he is willing to pull a prank or bring us enticing content. 

He didn’t stop there. Next, he decided to impersonate The Tiger King. That’s right! It was none other than Joe Exotic. And boy! Would you guess? He was perfect in the role. After studying the character, he was able to mimic the accent and the way. But of course, as he reached his destination, The Exotic Animal Park, he didn’t receive the welcome he expected. The staff was disappointed, and there was a lack of crowd. There was even a warning that he might get shot. But our thrill-seeking Steven wasn’t going to stop! He sure put his persona of Joe Exotic away, but he kept his dress. Furthermore, he got the boss to show him around. Despite the lack of potential content, he wasn’t afraid of the video’s possible backfire and posted it. 

The Great Pretender! 

Of course, these were not the only instances. Steven Franz has shown us Lil Nas X (fake), who also managed to high-jack a Music Event and take five minutes out of yet another famous singer!

Steven Franz is not afraid of experimentation. He wants to inspire people to live their life to the fullest. It comes with redefining your personality and taking bold steps. Perhaps that’s what Steven is attempting to show us as he takes these over the top ideas and initiates them! With an expectation to get double the followers, and then over one million eventually, Steven Franz continues to bring us brilliant content! 

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