The Road To Greatness – Orel Shitrit Interviewed

Let’s be honest. We’re all really dreaming of making it in this world. Whether we aspire to be rockstars, billionaires, the next Bill Gates, or if we just want to be successful in life.

Unfortunately, not many people really make it. However, those who do, often have amazing stories from their come-up, facing some of the toughest challenges. We’ve interviewed the founder of Noble Media & Partners, Orel Shitrit.

Title-Winning Marketer In The Making

Orel Shitrit is a 22-year-old former professional MMA fighter, title winner, and an aspiring entrepreneur, investor, and influencer. In 2019, he founded his own social media marketing agency, Noble Media & Partners.

In a pandemic-affected world, where businesses are often forced to cease operations, some entrepreneurs with analytic minds find loopholes to take advantage of the situation and turn it for the better.

How Did Noble Media & Partners Come To Life?

– I started out in MMA and put in countless hours to get better. I believe that’s part of my mentality. Getting better. The idea of starting an agency came after an injury I acquired after an MMA championship. During my time in recovery, I taught myself social media from the ground up.

Where Do You See Noble Media & Partners In 5 Years?

– I hope I’m talking about how business is booming. I’m obviously very dedicated to this, and really want to make it work. So far, it’s going pretty well, to be honest. I want to establish my company as the go-to resource hub for influencers and public figures all around the world. A place where they can receive expert guidance, advice, and tips from people who once were in their position. I believe knowing the market your clients operate in is a determining factor when it comes to gunning for other people’s success.

Orel has breached the ranks and listings of successful marketers since his agency’s inception. Companies, brands, and influencers are queued up to get a piece of the boost of the masterminds behind Noble Media & Partners. It’s become evident that the company’s passion for others’ success is something Orel puts first.

A Little Bit Of Both

Orel’s passion is to see aspiring entrepreneurs like himself find success on social media. His ability to think outside the box and craft results is reminiscent of his skills in the ring; pivoting, flipping the script, and adapting to changes at short notice.
If you’re curious to see what Orel and his team can do for you, check them out over at

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