Surround Yourself with Positive – Advice from Entrepreneur Cindy Tran

cindy tran

Have you ever had a really bad day and then talked to someone who turned it all around? Well, that kind of person, is exactly who Cindy Tran is. Entrepreneur, fitness model and social media extraordinaire, Cindy, is taking the fitness world by storm. Between her beautiful photos, great attitude and helpful business advice, Cindy is the absolute pinnacle of a fantastic spirit helping attain great success. Now, her next mission is to share how she makes that happen every day with others, in order to help them too.

Cindy Tran starts every day with a positive outlook. She learned this from her hard work ethic and from her father. Her normal day, she says, “Every day is very different, but normally I wake up, and I wash my face/brush my teeth (that kind of stuff), I feed my dogs and take them out, I feed myself, I go to the gym, I spend the day working, I spend time with my friends doing various adventurous things. I really try to work out every day, that is an extreme core value of mine.” This consistency and schedule can not only help with your productivity, but also with your entire outlook. People with routine and people who work out generally are more successful than people who don’t, and Cindy is here to be an inspiration for that exact reason.

Surrounding yourself with positive people is more than just a great feeling, it’s an absolute must to be a successful entrepreneur. Cindy Tran gives advice and says “Surround yourself with people who want to see you grow and who want to grow with you.

It might sound cliche, but hard work literally pays off almost 100% of the time. In this industry, things are really what you make of them so believe in yourself/your product and others will believe in you too.” What wise, knowledgeable advice. She is always saying that hard work always pays off and dedication gets you far.

While Cindy is based on social media and uses the platform for most of her communication, she has realized the valuable balance between being a socials star and a person. She doesn’t let it all define her and is proud to maintain that she doesn’t get caught up in social drama, or anything “influencer.” She is just genuinely herself, fun-loving, positive and drama-free. In the crazy world of socials, that can be so refreshing. She especially notes that it is important not to get caught up in comparison or in trying to be or look like someone you’re not. While she supports anyone doing something that makes them happy, she is personally surgery free, and she feels it’s important for her to stay that way in order to remember to be happy in her own skin and feel good about the body she carries around every day. Often, people caught up in socials or comparison forget how important it is to remember this fact, and Cindy is here to remind us all to be a little bit more loving and graceful with our judgment. Yes, even of ourselves.

If you’re looking for an inspirational account to follow, both regarding fitness and attitude, Cindy Tran’s page @misscindyy is absolutely worth a follow. Extra inspiration if you follow her fitness account @misscindyyfit is always readily available and just waiting for you to check it out! Cindy is always posting great advice and helpful fitness videos and photos. She also has a great line of active wear in her own right, and is on a rocket only going up.

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