Sweet Tooth Superstar – Victor Chocron And His Dessert Dreams

Victor Gourmet Pastries and Victor Cookies are two businesses run by Victor Chocron. These shops might look like ordinary bakery shops but stand out with extraordinary delights and popularity. A Disneyland for desserts and unique creations, the place has become a reason to travel for Instagram food-enthusiasts.

There isn’t a speck of doubt that Victor Chocron is a gifted haut cuisine expert. He possesses remarkable intuition and creativity. Yet, he decided to further his knowledge through academic pursuit. The professional broke the language barriers of English and Basic French. He even learned international cuisine, bakery pastry and attained expertise in Gastronomic Marketing and Administration.

These profound collections of skills laid down the foundation for the thriving success of Victor Gourmet Pastries and Victor Gourmet Cookies.

The Starts Of Victor Gourmet World 

Victor was an avid sports lover. He played soccer and tennis, even played guitar. However, his love for cooking was unmatched. It was his favorite hobby that made him happy. The ability to curate dishes in an artistic manner and make it aesthetically pleasing, but also equally delightful was a valuable skill.

The talented baker decided to start up an Instagram account. Gradually, the account grew to have a phenomenal reach that one would even call him a Social Media Influencer, through food. The food lovers admired his work and wanted to taste it. Which lead him to opening his first shop, quickly turning into a huge success.

Striving To Bring The Best Desserts From The World 

The world is excruciatingly competitive. What could you do for a bakery to stand out? Victor decided to find, learn and add a wide range of dessert options. These include the typical cakes and pastries, as well as gourmet desserts. He decided to study world-wide cuisines and bring a mixed hybrid of most of them, as well. The fusion of gourmet with cuisine and dessert led to some brilliant innovations.

Furthermore, he started to experiment with various dishes to figure out the limits he could reach. Hence, the artistic baker introduced the world to many cherishable options. 

A Respectful Environment – Contributing To The Society 

It didn’t stop there. Victor was raised with values he clearly shows, even a sweet heart just like his cooking. However, the young entrepreneur further decided to add more to the list. Respectful and sincere services became the signature for Victor Gourmet Pastries. 

Additionally, the golden hearted young man decided to establish the Victor Pastries Foundation for those less fortunate. And it’s his mission to distribute several treats and desserts or even make monetary donations wherever he can. 

These combined endeavors are the reason that within 3 years, Victor has a staff of 40 people and has become a well-recognized ‘brand’ across the borders of Venezuela, known for unmatched creations.

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