Meme Coins Mania: Will PRESIDENT DOGE rule them all ?


Unless you’ve lived under a rock in the previous 15 months, you should know how much the cryptocurrency world has gone through a real storm.

Bitcoin flew from a low of $ 4000 to a record $ 60000. 2021 saw the emergence of meme and dog coins. It all started thanks to the media hype and to financial and multinational institutions such as Tesla who have publicly declared their adhesion to Bitcoin.

Since then, the entire sector has exploded, giving rise to a new wave of hype and fomo similar to that of 2017-2018. In this scenario, a new wave has taken hold: that of MEME tokens.

Doge has always been the MEME token par excellence, capable of transforming itself from a purely desecrating project into a cryptocurrency with a global capitalization of 50 billion dollars.

DOGE was followed by many more meme, pop culture icons and pet / animals tokens.

Numerous projects have hit the jackpot with 10, 100 and even 1000x performances. In recent weeks, Smart Contracts have seen the addition of innovative functions such as BuyBack, AutoBurns, StableCoin Rewards, giving new life to the sector.

Of all the new meme tokens on the market, one is about to be released with huge expectations. It is called PRESIDENT DOGE and promises to unseat all the current meme / dog tokens currently present thanks to an innovative and all-inclusive Smart Contract.

President Doge will have no Presale, it will indeed be Fair-Launched on PancakeSwap. Its official website is and the community can be found on telegram at

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