The Dental Industry Is Changing – Credit To A Small Group Of Doctors

An industry that doesn’t seem to offer solutions any better than they were ten years ago, but prices that keep exploding. If the visit to your dentist isn’t uncomfortable enough for you, the invoice will make sure it is. For many, the treatments they so dearly need are simply not affordable. Dr. Kenny Wilstead from Garland, TX, has put his focus on changing this for the better.

Dr. Kenny Wilstead specializes in providing smile makeovers and has gained some world wide recognition and coverage doing so. An impressive portfolio of over a thousand smile makeovers proves him as a leading professional in the field. However, his charity work for the community might be the most remarkable part of his profile. With a great amount of free of cost & affordable treatments for patients who never expected to be able to receive his services, he has had a life-changing impact on many people. But how can Dr. Wilstead perform at the top level at affordable rates?

When asked: “Why do dentists charge so much?” Dr. Wilstead replied, “It’s because they are slow.” 

According to the dental surgeon, it is all about time consumption. If a root canal takes two hours, any dentist will charge around 2,000 bucks. Similarly, if pulling a tooth takes an hour, 500 dollars is justified. However, according to Dr. Wilstead, these treatment procedures shouldn’t take as long as they do. 

Playing ‘Taking Too Long’ For The Dentistry That Shouldn’t. 

Further shedding light, the expert reveals personality types in the profession that just like to take too long. Being patient, methodological, and thorough is excellent quality, but only if you aren’t purposely delaying the task. Some professionals understand the problem right away, but they take the time to go ‘by the books.’ This leads to wasting more appointments and precious time of the client. Of course Dr. Kenny Wilstead emphasizes that the quality of the services should also be first priority, but also states that slow work and quality work do not necessarily correlate in the industry. According to Dr. Wilstead, sticking to conventional methods is a good idea for the initial start and practices. However, as you gain experience, an expert should start finding ways to do things their way more efficiently. If you’re swift, you not only make the process cost-effective, but you can maintain more patients, as well. 

Dr. Wilstead Enhances His Proficiency For Speed To Charge Less

Smile Again Dental is a hub for Dr. Wilstead and his family to provide dental services. According to him, if you speed up the procedures, you can reduce the cost of the services. Correlatively, many treatment options shouldn’t take as long as they do, and if they are still consuming ample time, it’s about time to look for a professional who knows what they are doing. Whereas many would see the opportunity to make more, Dr. Kenny Wilstead sees the point to start charging less. A testament to his attitude.

Dr. Kenny Wilstead, DDS, has received recognition for delivering impeccable dental surgery and smile makeovers. His treatments are undoubtedly fast, and that’s what distinguishes him from others. This has allowed him to participate in charity work actively. The expert seeks to share his knowledge with others to help them achieve the same results and recognition.