The New Crypto Taking the World by Storm – SafeBTC


How can a project amass 150,000+ members in less than a month of life ? SafeBTC has accomplished such astonishing achievement. There is no doubt that the infinite power of the Internet combined with the hottest trend of the last decade (blockchain and cryptocurrencies) have made this possible.

SafeBTC (SafeBTC) is a friction-less, border-less, yield generating, community owned token built on the Binance Smart Chain. Its revolutionary feature is that each SafeBTC transaction has a 4% penalty: 2% is locked in liquidity forever and 2% is distributed back to token holders. Almost 60% of its total supply have been burned and ownership has been renounced, making it a deflationary, community owned token. Its contract and code have been audited and declared safe and fully inaccessible. SafeBTC is often referred to as a Store Of Value such as Bitcoin (BTC) with the additional benefit of yield-generating typical of DeFi.

As said earlier, in under a month SafeBTC has seen its community skyrocket to 30,000 community members and 100,000 token holders from 80+ countries worldwide. Big plans are on the horizon with partnerships, events and new developments on their way. Besides its community nature, SafeBtc has seen its token been acquired by well known personalities in the Web, Sports and Entertainment industries.

A new multi-channel mobile app is on its way and that will allow anybody to fully and safely see their wallet holdings, swap tokens, send tokens, check charts and TA and much more.

Rumors are spreading around in regards to future big events that will involve major and renowned musicians, DJs and globally acclaimed influencers.

To learn more, head over to their website at, to their telegram at or twitter at @safebtcofficial