The Peel Connection Promotes Safe and Effective Chemical Peels For Home Use

The Peel Connection

Skincare is a lifetime commitment, and over the years, several products have been developed to tackle various skin concerns — from homemade remedies to high-tech treatments like skin-resurfacing lasers. However, one skin treatment that has stayed popular for its effectiveness is a chemical peel. This revolutionary skin treatment has been proven to deliver specific skin benefits like treating melasma, and breakouts, boosting collagen production and more. As chemical peels return to the beauty trend, brands like The Peel Connection goes against the phenol-based model approach, to moderate, but effective bioavailable ingredients that create change in the skin without the adverse side effects of a phenol based peel. 

Owned and managed by licensed esthetician and peel expert Nidah Barber-Raymond, The Peel Connection is a futuristic brand taking a result-driven approach to home peels. The brand is renowned for its safe and effective multi-layered chemical peels that can be used on every part of the body and face. The company’s proprietary chemical formula is a unique AHA/BHA blend carefully crafted to provide light to medium-depth peels that penetrate the epidermis or uppermost layer of the dermis hence why these peels are also safe enough for clients to use at home.

A leading brand in providing safe and effective chemical peel procedures, The Peel Connection’s proprietary formula is backed by years of research and experimentation. This is because the chemical peels used by many popular brands often contain phenol, a harsh ingredient that can cause renal and pulmonary toxicities. To help its clientele enjoy the numerous benefits of chemical peels without the disastrous adverse effects. The thinking “out of the box” mind behind the company has gone out of her way to bring a more developed propriety peel that utilizes high-quality and heavily tested formulas. This was after she was inspired by her first chemical peel ten years ago.

Now with over a decade of experience, Nidah Barber-Raymond has perfected her superficial and medium-depth peels to be safe and efficacious when used as part of procedures for treating acne, pigmentation disorders, and photo-aging. The innovative formula can also be used at home all over the body, including the face, without adverse effects.

Professionally applied or incorporated into daily skincare routines at home, clients will enjoy the benefits of the combined formula of the brand’s specially formulated peel which contains TCA 15% and ClearPeel, a modified Jessner solution that includes lactic, salicylic and citric acid. The powerful skincare blend targets pores and texture, hyperpigmentation, acne, wrinkles, and even skin tone, decongesting cells and boosting collagen production to rejuvenate the skin and make it tighter, smoother, and brighter. The home-use products also include detailed instructions and a tutorial video clients can follow. 

With its unique chemical peel formula that helps individuals feel more confident and comfortable in their skin without adverse effects, the Beverly Hills-based brand has made giant strides in the skincare industry. In the coming years, Nidah Barber-Raymond aims to expand her brand nationwide while providing chemical peel services to more people, helping them address their skin concerns and make them be the best version of themselves.