This is How Expert Entrepreneur Goh Rong Yao Built his Online Business Empire

goh rong yao

Having a successful business is more than just making money. To some, it’s making a name for yourself both in and out of the industry. To others, it’s securing stability in your life and gaining the ability to help others with what you have acquired over time. Goh Rong Yao is a perfect candidate to describe both of these scenarios with his thriving eCommerce business.

From the ground up

Rong Yao first started his business in marketing and scaling eCommerce businesses back in the beginning of 2020. Now in October, he has earned six to seven figures of earnings, and he doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. Rong Yao’s creates new goals to achieve every time one is completed, causing a motivational attitude that leads to growth and development. “My current long-term focus is on building long-term, sustainable brands with the skills I’ve acquired through my own entrepreneurial venture.” Rong Yao begins. He has already started down the path of sustainable business by operating online, now he wants to expand on that premise. “Eventually, I aspire to venture into mobile applications.”

When asked about how Rong Yao’s company is unique from competition, he told us his unbeatable customer service has allowed him to work with repeat customers as well and gain exposure to more potential clients due to high reviews among customers. This is a great example as to how one can network with others online. While the phrase “The customer is always right” does not necessarily ring true 100% of the time, customer satisfaction is key to opening your business up to the rest of the world. Customers can provide businesses with feedback, exposure to more people, and even play a part in business model changes. Customers are the backbone of any business, without them there would be no business. It is essential that entrepreneurs truly see the importance that comes with customer satisfaction: they can sometimes make it or break it for your product or service.

Into the future

Even though Rong Yao has undoubtedly completed the checklist of what makes a business successful, he wants to continue to earn more and push his company towards further accomplishments. Ten year from now, Rong Yao hopes to see his current reality expanded into an even better one. To him, this will come in the form of creating more sources of income through other businesses and using his knowledge to help others looking to join the business and eCommerce world succeed just as he has. “In ten years I hope to see that I’ve continued to scale multiple businesses into the six & seven-figure enterprises I’ve already been able to accomplish in a short time. Most of all though, I hope to see that the entrepreneurs I’ve helped along the way have been able to acquire long-term, sustainable business models through my coaching.” Rong Yao also plans on retiring in ten years. This definitely makes sense: Who wouldn’t want to retire early after gaining so much success in such a short amount of time? All in all, Rong Yao is a prime example that success comes to those who work hard and wait.

To follow Rong Yao’s adventure into eCommerce greatness, follow him on Instagram (@gohrongyao) and Facebook!

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