Unique Traits Set Jem Bourouh Apart from Rivals in Business

Unique Traits Set Jem Bourouh Apart from Rivals in Business
Unique Traits Set Jem Bourouh Apart from Rivals in Business

Jem Bourouh has never looked back after setting up his own marketing agency. His diverse skillset has allowed him to accumulate massive success regardless of his industry. We hear all about when his love for marketing commenced and his remarkable achievements to date.

Dedication and Consistency

Jem Bourouh is a 23-year-old full-time entrepreneur who was born and raised in Germany. 

But he is unlike most other 23-year-olds. However, it is not just his achievements and success that set him apart from the rest, it is also the traits that he is equipped with.

Hard work, dedication and consistency are among his attributes – with each playing a key role in his journey so far.

Jem spent the past 4 years launching and selling 7-8 figure eCommerce brands. Having sold more than $20,000,000 with his eCommerce businesses, he decided to start his marketing agency that invests in smaller DTC brands and acts as a VC named Adcubator and an education company called eCom Incubator.

Back when he was in university studying business economics, Jem always wanted to make money. He was going through YouTube doing research on how to make money online and stumbled across drop shipping back in December 2017. 

Ever since, he fell in love with marketing, consumer psychology, behaviorism and media buying.

Big Spender

There is no shortage of achievements for Jem and his team. They have scaled several clients from $0-$1,000,000 in revenue in 30 days.

They made the TikTok leggings viral and are responsible for the peak on Google Trends – and sold more than 120,000 units.

Jem also scaled a beauty company to $780,000 in attributed revenue during BFCM.

Jem is truly a Google Advertising savant. 

Meanwhile, his efforts have helped to create one of the most reputable agencies for Google Ads in the world.

Jem is spending around $12,000,000 a month right now in his agency for his clients and is therefore one of the biggest spenders in the world, along with scaling a company for 6 times to 1,000,000€ a day with their product launches.

Jem has also been awarded by Zipify (Shopify’s top upsell app) multiple times for $1 million-plus in upsells and was awarded by Clickfunnels 2-Comma-Award within two months.

Unstoppable When Focused

Of course, Jem is one of a kind and has a range of unique attributes. 

However, he is not always 100% focused, but he has been talking to every leader in their industry, which has allowed him to grasp their understanding of marketing and their particular expertise. 

But once he is focused, he is unstoppable and won’t stop until he sees success, no matter what. 

This focus allows him to be very creative and that is what makes him stand out from any ordinary “low-success” entrepreneurs and marketers who are just doing this for money.

Jem is doing this to become great, master the craft and make an impact on people’s lives. There are people that are depending on him online and in real life.

He enjoys this craft very much and it gives him a lot of fulfillment. There are little to no distractions and everyone around him knows that this is his life.

Furthermore, he has the energy, focus and stamina – and is fully dedicated to this life. He has been to 100 to 0 multiple times throughout this journey and he is unshakable. He will not stop until he has achieved every single one of his goals. 

That is a powerful and rare mindset to have, but one which will continue leading him towards success and development.

Follow Jem on Instagram @jembourouh, on Facebook.

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