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YODEZEEN Architects
YODEZEEN Architects showcasing their Par Bar design

There is not an artistic individual on this planet without the fire in their soul to put their art out into the world. It comes with the territory. In the architecture and design realm, it would be hard to find a group of talented designers with more ambition than YODEZEEN Architects. Founded in 2010 by Artem Zverev and Artur Sharf, this studio is well versed in architecture, residential & commercial interior design and custom joinery. They are constantly on the cutting edge of creating beautiful and functional spaces with their client’s unique personalities and business goals in mind. Through an unwavering commitment to perfectionism at their very core, they have built a portfolio of over 800 projects and several offices worldwide. They are taking their artistic ambition and turning it into architectural magic.

Motivated By Their Clients & Team

The team at YODEZEEN believes that their work is their life. The design studio has surrounded itself with a team that motivates and helps each other every day as a family. A family dynamic translates to their clients as well. YODEZEEN believes they should dedicate special gratitude to their clients. Their clients chose them to bring their vision to life and are always open to new design opinions as the design team creates magic and builds the client’s dream space. With each morning there is a new story, and a new day in the endless creation of art. YODEZEEN finds their ambition fueled by those they create with and for. The admiration they all have for their team sets them apart.

Fueled By Happiness In Their Work

YODEZEEN are true believers in trusting and loving the process. The founders practice what they preach. They believe that happiness comes not from the result but from the process itself. These designers and architects love what they do. They have loved every day for the 11 years since they launched their business. That love continues to grow. They believe in the power of the opportunity to do what you love. This power translates to over 200 completed projects with hundreds in the works. Their goals are never-ending. 

Driven By The Next Big Thing

A design studio experiencing great success, people always want to know what the next big goal is. When asked what is next, the answer for YODEZEEN is simple. Hotels. The studio wants to create unique, never-before-seen design concepts for boutique hotels and hospitality providers. They want to create spaces that blow people away. By taking their 11 years of experience, the lessons learned, and project portfolio, they are confident they will dominate this commercial space. The designers have promised your future stay at a hotel on the Moon built by their studio one day.

Witness the Magic For Yourself

If you are ready to see the amazing things that ambition in architecture can create, check out YODEZEEN on social media. Their award-winning work speaks for itself. They are winners of several awards including the Interior Design by Architecture Masterprize 2020 for State-of-Art Edition project. Their work is sure to win many more in the future. If you are interested in following YODEZEENs work or in becoming a client, check them out at:

It is an impressive family of designers and architects. They are showing the world that a lot of ambition, love for what you do, and trust in the process can lead to incredible results! YODEZEEN live by their ambition. They strive for perfection, and their motto is “Less is more.” Words of wisdom we could all do to follow more often!

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