Walk The Streets Of Madrid With Daniel Valledor

Valledor's captions photographs like movie scenes.

Look around yourself and tell us: What do you see? Everywhere you glance, there’s life and an original story brewing for you to capture. You just have to seize these stories before somebody else does. Daniel Valledor street photographer knows how to capture it into timeless bliss. And how does he do it?

Valledor crafts spools through industrial-grade 400ft feature films. He uses Kodak Vision 3 to roll them into his cameras. You might have guessed it, but he indeed uses the old-time cameras. It’s not that he doesn’t believe in DSRL and other innovative technology. The relentless photographer loves to challenge himself and travel the extra mile.

You see, he believes that by using the conventional methodologies, he can capture pictures in their true glory. That’s what the vivid photographer aims for his captures. You can witness the results in his work. Each one seems too raw yet settling, capturing the reality. 

Creative Candids For Authenticity

Daniel doesn’t believe in capturing artificial pictures. What does that mean? The reality street photographer doesn’t like to use digital tweaks and tools to alter the images. Of course, as he captures the pictures in films, it’s already improbably. However, he takes his approach to another level.

If you make a keen observation and comparison, you’ll see that his pictures don’t have any specific pose. You may even call him a ‘natural street photographer.’ What does that mean? He captures photos as they are happening, without asking anyone to take a pose. You won’t see him directing or dictating a scene. That special touch of 100% reality truly pushes the streets’ stories to the next level.

Cinematography means street photography in the essence of Daniel Valledor’s work.

Documentary With Classic Hollywood aesthetics

The street photographer doesn’t stop there. The films he uses are Hollywood-grade, often used for movie production. Furthermore, he crafts and develops each picture in a personal workshop. That further enhances the charms of his photographs. The pieces of the puzzle continue his masterpiece.

The street photographer is capturing what matters to him, and that’s what photography is about. It’s when you catch your vision, your version of the story, and show it to the world. He’s certainly putting in the right efforts and even going the extra mile with persistence. Make sure to stay tuned for Daniel’s upcoming book this 2021.

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