All Eyes On Landon Bonneville – The Special Pro-Baseball Prospect

The young athlete is on the come-up, numbers don’t lie. But Landon Bonneville catches attention for more than just his quality on the pitch.

At 17 years, the right-handed pitcher and catcher has his eyes set on the MLB. Playing in a World Series game is what he works so hard for every day, and there is little too no doubt he will reach his aims at this point. Bonneville, who credits his opportunity to his parents, has made clear he wants to pay them back everything they invested in him.

A humble and motivated approach, that plays part in his bright outlook in the future. Having modelled his game around the style of his idol Trevor Bauer, the ace is on his way to greater things. Three team-USA appearances speak for himself. But his curiosity and open mind have brought Landon much more than success in the sports. His passion for music has him learning the ins and outs of sound engineering, a perspective besides baseball that excited the young pitcher. He even got to shadow the sound engineer of multi-platinum sensation Bastille at one of their shows.

The 17-year old’s spirit is a massive boost to any team.

Further success stories? As a side project, Bonneville customized cleats for the ex New York Met’s stars David Wright and Michael Cuddyer. His creative mind finds outlets and might create the important balance between the disciplined athlete and his free time. The superstar in the making already attracts the attention of sponsors and other personalities, leaving no doubt that he is on the right path.

Sooner or later, we’re sure to see Landon Bonneville pitching in the major league. And it’s safe to say he will have written more success stories by then.