Owning Seven Figure Worth of Sneakers – A Talk With Chris Robinson Known as SBcollector

Chris Robinson | SBcollector

Chris Robinson / SB Collector started collecting sneakers when he was 14. Today, he is a successful entrepreneur and still a collector. Chris has over 3000 pairs in his collection and soon, he will celebrate 10 years as the owner of his own sneakers shop. 

After years of experience in this industry, Chris Robinson knows – we can say – everything about Dunks. It was not easy to get here, and at the beginning, he bought pairs maybe not worth their value. No longer after Chris discovered this world, he starts to develop a special taste for samples. Why? Well, who would not like to have the rarest pairs in the world? Sometimes, the sample is even better than the original product.

SB Collector admits that the has a weakness for samples and maybe we don’t exaggerate to say that it is an addiction. Chris believed that these are not just simple pairs of shoes, he is collecting pure art. Because he is focused more on samples, Chris Robinson has in his collection pairs you will not find anywhere in the whole world.

His all-time favorites? The Dunk SB part of the City Pack. The pack was designed to represent four of the biggest cities in the world, Tokyo, Paris, London, and New York. Chris has the “Pigeon” – the New York pair. There are only 30 pairs in the world, this model is so unique because it is numbered (Chris has 11/30) and it is laser-engraved.

Being a sneaker collector can be fun but also it involves a lot of patience and why not, luck? Chris Robinson wakes up and the first thing he does is to check eBay, the Nike website for samples, and another platform where he can find rarities, sometimes even outlets. SB Collector worked his way up in the community and he knows very well that sometimes it takes many years to find the desired pair of Dunks. When this is your passion, why not developing a business around it?

In 2011 Chris Robinson becomes the owner of a sneakers store. This is one of his biggest success so far, as he knows very well how long it takes to say in line for a pair of sneakers. Now, he is the one creating the line because people are crazy to buy from him.

Even if Chris Robinson did not have the advantage to grow up in a wealthy family, he knows what his dream was since he was a kid. He developed a passion for fashion, he worked extremely hard, and here he is now, being one of the most famous sneaker collectors in the world and having his own store. What is his secret?

“What got me to where I am right now is hard work, dedication, and my love for fashion which unexpectedly lead to my success.”

If you are curious to find out more about his collection, follow Chris Robinson on Instagram @sbcollector and you will be amazed by his universe. Often, he has more pairs of the same model and you will realize that this is more than just a collection, this is business, passion, and years of hard work behind.

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