One On One With Fat Loss Expert Pascal Laporte

Pascal Laporte
Pascal Laporte

We hear from Pascal Laporte, owner of Clarendon Personal Training, to find out all about the impressive services and philosophy of the business, as well as its vision for the future.

Improving Health

Individuals across society, young and old, have a firm desire to improve their health and fitness.

Of course, in today’s world, there is an excessive amount of information on this topic, which can result in overwhelming people and leading them down the wrong path as they battle to lose fat.

People usually just need a helping hand to ensure they stay on track as they bid to improve their lives.

Pascal Laporte, owner of Clarendon Personal Training, is able to provide just that.

Clarendon Personal Training has been Arlington’s premier fitness studio for one-on-one and small group private training for more than 12 years.

The philosophy – which includes a holistic approach to fitness and nutrition – has helped over 12,000 residents lead a longer, more fitful life. 

Each client has access to 3 or more trainers and a nutrition educator which will help with each phase of their goals. Meanwhile, every client starts with a conversation about their past fitness history and how that aligns with their future fitness goals.

Valuable Lessons

But despite his impressive level of success so far, Pascal has also learned many valuable lessons along the way.

These have shaped him into a better person and enabled him to develop.

The biggest lesson that he has learned is that “it takes an entire village to raise a child”.

Clarendon Personal Training’s multi-trainer system has evolved to help each client reach their goals faster with specialists in each category of fitness and health. 

As the goals and needs of an individual change, their fitness plan and training coaches also evolve. 

The business has won multiple community awards, and has advised over 12,000 community members with their fitness and health – and clients have reported an average of 14 lbs of weightloss in the first 30 days. 

But, despite the achievements so far, there is still plenty more to come in the future.

Ambitious Vision

Clarendon Personal Training plans on expanding the company vision to other parts of the DMV area to spread reliable and effective fitness solutions.

There is undoubtedly a huge level of competition in the fitness industry. 

However, there are a range of unique attributes that separate Clarendon Personal Training’s services from its competition. 

It is the first personal training studio in Clarendon, opening in 2010. Furthermore, the business has a team of trainers for each client, depending on their goals. 

Clarendon Personal Training also backs its promises with an unconditional money back guarantee.

It is an appointment only private training studio, with no membership necessary. 

Along with an unconditional money back guarantee, services also include an assessment, corrective exercise, functional/mobility training, and strength training.

If you want to achieve your fitness goals, there is simply only one place to go: Clarendon Personal Training.

Follow Clarendon Personal Training on Instagram @clarendonpersonaltraining, or on Facebook at

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