The Future Of High Fashion? Authenticity Finds Its Way Back Into The Industry

Billy Arora in Hermès for Vogue.

Canadian top model Billy Arora talks about her equestrian past in a recently published interview in Forbes magazine. She also reflects on the future of the fashion industry in an in-depth talk.

It’s one of the industries that is confronted with a massive need for changes. Implying ethics seems less of a choice but an urgency these days, and participants like the IMG fashion model Billy Arora are reflecting on their options to play their part. 

Forbes magazine got in touch with the successful mannequin after her latest Vogue editorial for the Hermès accessories campaign in July. For Arora, working with the luxury brand that has its roots in the high end of equestrian clothing and equipment was a bit of a dream coming true. 

Before she decided to dedicate her full time to modelling, she had retired from a victorious career as a professional equestrian. Competing in the biggest tournaments world wide for years, the brand was always present and familiar to her. Hermès are still the top luxury choice of professional equestrians with a taste for quality and design.

With the choice of Billy Arora to represent their new scarf collection, the French designer made a major move dictating the future of fashion editorials.

Billy Arora in Hermès for Vogue by Linda Leitner.

High fashion has to separate itself from fast fashion again

While fast fashion brands are looking to reach their audience through micro influencers on social media, luxury brands should boldly separate themselves to keep their status and responsibility. 

By hand picking people that represent the brand and its heritage to a deeper degree, they ensure a different level of quality and protect their history.

Billy Arora says this wouldn’t have been imaginable for her at another time in her life, but that she truly appreciated the opportunity. Authenticity and responsibility plays a big role in the current urgency, as she mentions she’s also working on a personal project to play her part in a positive change.